Clinica Alemana Osorno Chapel / AM Arquitectura

Architects: AM Arquitectura
Area: 55 m²
Year: 2023
Manufacturers: Lamitech, Arauco, Topwood
Lead Architect: Rodrigo Araya Manzaneres
Collaborating Architect / Details: Felipe Sandoval
Collaborating Architect / Regulatory: Carolina Cárdenas
Lighting Project: Katerina Jofre
City: Osorno
Country: Chile

The Osorno Lutheran Temple, a place of worship designed for the Corporación de Beneficencia de Osorno (Clínica Alemana Osorno) in Los Lagos, Chile, reflects the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. This project occupies a strategic position within an interior courtyard of the clinic, creating a central nucleus amidst the existing facilities. Despite the lack of prominent Lutheran architectural references, the temple introduces a simple and austere design that echoes the traditional typologies of southern Chile. Wood plays a pivotal role in this design, employed extensively in both the structure and cladding, which enhances the reflective and serene ambiance of the space.

Clinica alemana osorno chapel / am arquitectura

The assignment involves constructing a new Lutheran Temple for prayer and reflection, accessible to clinic patients and ecumenically open to others. The new temple, supported by descendants of German immigrants and the Lutheran Church since the mid-20th century, aims to provide a spiritual sanctuary within the clinic’s premises.

Set in one of the clinic’s inner courtyards, the temple is designed to anchor itself as a nucleus in the available space, embracing the simplicity and austerity that typify the region’s architectural style. The temple employs wood predominantly, a material deeply ingrained in the local cultural fabric, to foster an environment of introspection and peace.

Clinica alemana osorno chapel / am arquitectura

The temple’s architecture utilizes a truncated rectangular floor plan to direct focus towards the altar. This design choice heightens the ceiling over the altar, narrowing the aisle and amplifying the sense of vertical space. A singular opening frames the altar and the cross, offering the sole source of natural light from the garden, thus spotlighting the spiritual focal point of the temple.

Furthermore, the project incorporates engineered laminated wood for its structure, chosen for its relevance and integration with the natural environment. The wood’s extensive use in both structure and exterior cladding complements the interior ambiance while harmonizing with the exterior surroundings. The construction, challenged by the courtyard’s accessibility constraints, required all materials to be manually transported and assembled, emphasizing the meticulous planning and execution of the project.

This temple serves its immediate religious purpose and stands as a testament to the innovative use of traditional materials and techniques adapted through modern engineering and construction methods, thus redefining the architectural landscape of southern Chile.

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Address: Osorno, Los Lagos, Chile

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