9 of the Best Colored Fineliners to Consider

Which artist does not want to capture the colorful vividness of life on paper?

Capturing the right aspects of shade and detail of everyday life does so very often bank on the skill of the artist.  

But no matter how much the skill, achieving the ideal portrait remains impossible, without the proper tools. And finding the right tool with the best value for money can be tricky indeed, if you are one such soul in search of the right tool, and more specifically for Colored Fineliners, then you are in luck. On Architecture Lab you can also find the best alcohol-based markers if you’d like to complement your rendering kit.

May it be for coloring, taking notes, or just highlighting points in your textbook we bring you a list of our top 9 Fineliners.

Best Colored Fineliners

Best fineliner for color

1. Staedtler Color Pen Set, Triplus Fineliner Pens

For individual professional use or the entire family, Staedtler’s fineliners are not just for adults but children and their precious coloring books as well.

Its versatility lies within its 0.3 mm fine point which is encased inside a metal lid. The lid clips on to the pen and does not let the ink dry up faster than it should.

Each pen supports a triangular-shaped body, quite like your standard wooden pencils. Making it quite ergonomic while giving you that classic grip for all the coloring endeavors you take up. 

The Drysafe technology invested into the pens allows you to leave them uncapped for days on end without having to worry about them drying up. Should be very appealing to a mind which is easily distracted.            

And if you are concerned about children using them to draw on your favorite shirt. Then you will be happy to know that the acid-free, water-based ink inside these pens are minimal bleed/blot and easily washes out of most fabric.   

Staedtler’s set of color pens (may it be a pack of 36 or 42) comes in unique shades and six neons like bright yellow, salmon, indigo blue, Kalahari orange, pale green and burnt sienna.

2. Arteza Fineliners Fine Point Pens

ARTEZA Fineliners Fine Point Pens, Set of 72 Fine Tip Markers with...
  • Quality at an affordable price: Your Arteza...
  • Smudge-Free, Acid-Free Ink: Why settle for fine...

Left-handers, especially those who are students and color coders have a tough time with the ordinary fine-point highlighters sold in the market. They usually tend to be more expensive and smudge easily.

Arteza’s fineliners, on the other hand, are not only acid-free but smudge-free as well. They don’t emit any smell and dry up very quickly. So if you are left-handed your days of smudged texts and ruined color sketches are at an end.

The triangular barrels of the pen fit perfectly into your grip and won’t roll off the surface if you tend to work on a slanted desk. This helps in protecting the tip from fall damage, also ridding you of the fear of misplacing your pens.   

The Arteza extra fine point pens come with a 0.4 mm tip which is clad in a hard metal casing. This gives them the right amount of durability and precision while working with rulers and stencils.

The rich variety of different colors present in each Arteza Fineliner set will guarantee any artist the satisfaction of capturing life in all its colorful vagaries.   

3. Caliart Fineliner Color Pens

Caliart Fineliner Color Pens Set 100 Colors Fine line Drawing Pen Set,...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Water-based ink, Dry safe, acid-free...
  • MULTI-COLORS OPTIONS: 100 different vibrant...

The intensity of the water-based ink you will find in Caliart’s Fineliner pens will brighten even the blankest of pages for writers and sketchers alike.  

If you are in the habit of keeping bullet journals and filling in beautifully intricate patterns, Caliart’s 0.38 mm fine tips will suit your versatility like a glove. They even come in handy in organizing your planner acting as colorful reminders to your busy schedule.

Not only can they be used to color code, but these fineliners can also turn out to be a go-to for manga artists as well. The ink used in each pen is dry-safe, free of acid and non-toxic, it additionally gives off a vibrant water-based texture ideal for even the most challenging illustration. 

Even after hours of using them your fingers will remain pain-free, courtesy of the triangular-shaped body. Its ergonomic build fits well into your hand and does not apply excessive stress on your fingertips.

Much of Caliart’s longevity comes from the industrious cap they provide their pens. It vacuum seals the tip not letting the ink dry out, its unique design makes it easy to remove and replace.

4. AmzaPens Fineliner Premium Coloring Pens

AmazaPens Fineliner Coloring Pens Premium Sketch Colored Pen Fine Tip...
  • EXTRA-FINE TIP: The 0.4mm tip is much finer than...
  • VIBRANT ARRAY of COLORS: Choose from 24 brilliant...

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might just be considering showing off your artistic skills to your relatives and neighbours.

AmzaPens’ fineliners lets you artistically express yourself by helping you produce crisp colourful drawings with great detail and precision. The fitting slender design along with the 0.4 mm tip allows these pens to help you put down the details of the trickiest mandala.

The family-based company of AmzaPens spares no resources for their customers. They use the best in water-based ink which does not have a single toxic material inside it. Making it safe for children, who usually tend to absentmindedly put the tip of pens in their mouths. 

What is more amazing is the fact that the ink is blendable, with the application of a water brush you can transform your sketch into a beautiful painting with ombre effects. With minimal bleed, the paint won’t blot through paper or even card stock for that matter.

And if you’re into using the Spirograph for making geometric patterns, these pens will go perfectly in producing a vivid image. And with the application of the water brush your pattern can turn out to be very psychedelic indeed.

5. Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens

Fineliner - STABILO point 88 - Wallet of 30 - Assorted colors incl 5...
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - The famous hexagonal body shape...
  • METAL ENCLOSED TIP - The 0.4mm line width offers...

Undoubtedly a unique feature that Stabilo boasts in their fineliners is their world-renowned hexagonal shape. This grants the user exceptional control and precision, perfect for those who strive to incorporate the minutest details into their works.

With the promise of a 0.4 mm tip, jotting down notes, revision or even mind-mapping have never been easier. It’s a jack of all trades suitable for the entire family.

With the tip encased in metal, the pens are made highly durable preventing breakage from accidental fall damage. 

The ink in point 88 makes it appealing to all left-handers. It has a smudge-free property that goes well with all customer bases allowing the user to have smear-free underlined texts. The ink also has the feature of minimal bleed, which means that it does not blot as much as an ordinary marker.

If you are keen on using the parchment as a writing surface or any other form of blot-sensitive paper, then with Stabilo’s point 88 you cannot go wrong.

The dry resistance of the ink allows the pens to be left uncapped over an extended period. What furthers the ink longevity is the ventilated cap. You won’t be running out of ink to use anytime soon.

6. Smart Color Art Dual Tip Brush Pens

Journal Calligraphy Art Markers, 48 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens with...
  • Smart Color Art 48 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens...
  • Blend-able and quick-drying, long lasting and...

Perhaps you are into outdoor painting; having a wanderlust to travel to the perfect spot in the midst of nature and putting paint to canvas.

Perhaps this desire makes having to carry all your supplies on the go a hassle, as you rummage through the woods or just search for a beautiful spot in the park.

In that case, Smart Color’s Dual Tip might turn out to be the apt solution for you. The dual-tip pens come in a very compact and handy package. Which displays each pen and makes it easy to select the right color as you get to remove and replace them effortlessly.

Smart Color even takes a step further for the traveling artist. They provide you with affordable dual-tip brush pens whose versatility is unparalleled. The double-tip feature lets the pens have both a brush end and a fine tip. Letting you turn these pens into watercolors. 

No more are you concerned about carrying your brushes and paint separately and continually worrying about ink spillage. When you get two in one, who can complain?

Both the 0.4 mm tip and the brush utilize water-based ink which is nature-friendly, as it is not made of toxic materials and conforms to ASTM D-4236.    

7. Shuttle Art Dual Tip Brush Pen

Shuttle Art Dual Brush Pens Art Markers, 56 Colors Dual Tip...
  • 【56 UNIQUE COLORS】: 56 different and vibrant...
  • 【DUAL TIP PENS】: Flexible fiber brush tip and...

Shuttle Art’s color pens do not only come with a 0.4 mm thin tip but a brush end as well. Its fantastic functionality allows you to seamlessly alternate between thin strokes and bold strokes as your work might dictate.

The duality built into these pens makes it perfect for all family gatherings. Quite popular with children as they can use the jumbo tip to paint in their coloring books.

The unique function of the large tip is that it lets you directly color in, it is soft and relatively smooth to use. You can use the two tips in unison by first using the fine tip to outline, and then coating it by using the jumbo tip and finally finishing off your work with a marker of your choice.

Feed your creative spirit with the vast variety of unique colors present in each Shuttle Art set. Which comes in a portable compact wallet-like cover. The pens have colored caps for easy identification as well.

Ideal for any form of professional arts and crafts or even updating bullet journals, with the Shuttle Art Dual Tip Brush Pens you should not hesitate in presenting it as a gift to our loved ones.      

8. Magicfly Fineliner Color Pen

Magicfly Fineliner Color Pen Set 48 Colors, 0.38mm Colored Fine Line...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Water-based ink, Dry safe, acid-free...
  • MULTI-COLORS OPTIONS: 48 different vibrant...

Over the course of a long day you might tend to build up a significant amount of stress. And it is a widely acknowledged fact that relaxing while painting or coloring is extremely therapeutic for stress relief.

There is no shame in visiting your adult coloring books from time to time when you need to cheer up. With Magicfly’s fine liner pens, you can sit back and relax in front of a TV even with a glass of wine as you start filling in those blank spaces.

With either a coloring book or a mind mapper the 0.38 mm fine point lets you adequately fill in those difficult edges that any other ordinary coloring pen would miss. Reaching those small previously impossible areas will no more be a problem.

The specially designed barrel lets you use the pen in any relaxing posture. It does not slip out off or hurt your fingers after prolonged use.

The fitting cap tightly seals the tip in not letting the ink dry out sooner than it should.

9. TOODOO Fineliner Color Pen

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TOODOO’S colored fineliners achieve what no office supply can ever hope to match. These fineliners make office work fun.

May it be an upcoming project or an office presentation, the bright, unique colors of the pens can liven even the dullest of board meetings. Next time your boss expects you to impress the clients why not give these pens a try.

From color-coding your points to charting a brief statistical review, the 0.38 mm tip of the pens will ease the most delicate of tasks.

We all know how greyboard meetings can get, with their slideshows, numbers, and post-its. The vibrant, non-toxic, water-based ink these pens support can brighten the evening’s dull affairs. Points can hit home harder if they are tagged under attractive bullets or highlighted and underlined with different color codes.           

The pen barrel is quite slender, and fits gently into your hands; no excessive pressure need be applied that can wear out your fingertips giving you discomfort. Making it very suitable for children who complain of finger pain during homework.

Best fineliner

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Final Thoughts

Each of these mentioned fineliners have the capacity to contend for the spot of the best coloring pen. But what your decision ultimately boils down to, is your specific needs. Where one boats of superior ink variations the other gives you a more pleasant grip.

We hope our guide was colorful enough to have helped you reach a decision in choosing the right fine liner. 

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