Concrete Box House / Robertson Design

Architects: Robertson Design
Area: 2900 ft²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Jack Thompsen
Manufacturers: Western Window Systems, ADM, Vareta
Landscape: Robertson Design
Engineering: Paramount engineering
Contractor: Robertson Design
City: Houston
Country: United States

Concrete Box House, designed by Robertson Design, focuses on a choreographed entry sequence, material clarity, and sculptural presence. The house features a concrete box, a wooden box, and a low concrete wall that encloses the entry courtyard. Limited front fenestration adds to its sculptural nature. The entry sequence leads through overlapping concrete walls and a courtyard, revealing a bright main space with abundant natural light and views, contrasting with the blank façade. The first floor is a unified space with distinct dining, kitchen, and living areas, while the second floor’s bright white rooms contrast with the downstairs wood and concrete.

Concrete box house / robertson design

The door opens into a low-ceilinged, slightly dim entry hall. From there, one passes through an opening in the concrete box, emerging into the brightly lit, tall volume of the main space. This transition emphasizes the thickness and solidity of the concrete walls. The abundant natural light and expansive views into the front courtyard and rear garden are surprising, given the initially unassuming blank façade. The first floor is essentially a single, open space with slight level changes delineating the dining, kitchen, and living areas.

An office is concealed behind sliding walls, allowing the owners to work there during the day and completely close it off when work is to be set aside. The simple, bright white rooms on the second-floor contrast sharply with the downstairs, which features wood and concrete walls.

Concrete box house / robertson design
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Address: Houston, Texas, USA

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