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In Netherlands a property nestles Château St. Gerlach, an extraordinary historic gem animated by a pragmatic program today, a five-star hotel, a function that animates it from within, opens it up to the public and more importantly manages to maintain the establishment itself.

In a hilly region, in Limburg a short drive away from Maastricht city center, the countryside landscapes shelter the original estate farmhouse, grain lofts and convent are still intact today.

In this particular mixture Mecanoo architecten had the opportunity to envision a contemporary insertion, an immense 14,000 square-foot pavilion that will become a meeting space for the hotel`s guests and through contrast, a landmark to the region.

“The transparent, state-of-the-art pavilion has a cantilevered roof with a beautiful curve,” the architects explained. “From the pavilion, guests will have views over the château, the hills, the meadow and the manor farm. The materials used are inspired by the natural surrounding of Limburg: marlstone, bluestone and oak. The three large multifunctional meeting rooms can be used separately or combined, offering a unique location for a variety of meetings and events.”

The manor farm, dating to 1668, was also renovated in the process, a historic establishment, today national monument, hosting meeting venues along a splendid coffee shop serving lunch and drinks in the local community.

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Photo Courtesy to Mecanoo Architecten


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