CRYSTAL Office Building / SAKO Architects

Architects: SAKO Architects
Area: 94500 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Yu Mingsong, Yao Zhenjia
Interior Designers: SAKO Architects
Lighting Designers: Puri Lighting Design
Principal Architect: Keiichiro Sako
Clients: Jinan Wanrong Real Estate Co., LTD.
City: Jinan
Country: China

CRYSTAL Office Building designed by SAKO Architects in the development zone around the new high-speed railroad station features a 29-story twin-tower structure reaching a maximum height of 126 meters. This innovative design combines economic rationality with architectural elegance, incorporating unique elements such as a central atrium illuminated by strategically placed ‘cracks’ in the exterior walls, transforming the building into a glowing urban landmark.

Crystal office building / sako architects

The 29-story CRYSTAL Office Building, designed by SAKO Architects, stands 126 meters tall and is situated in the development zone near the new high-speed railroad station. The building’s design reflects a 500% floor area ratio and economic rationality, resulting in the adoption of twin towers consistent with the surrounding area. The square plan measures 54.4 meters, the square root of 3,000 m², a critical zoning measure.

This expansive square plane includes a 27-meter square atrium, vertically stacked from ground level with tiers of two, five, six, five, six, and two levels. The first two-level atrium serves as the entrance hall and retail atrium. Above it, a common office space atrium features elevator banks at the four corners, providing individual access. The office space around the atrium can be occupied by a single company or shared by multiple companies.

Crystal office building / sako architects

To avoid the claustrophobic feel of a central atrium lacking natural light, the design incorporates a “crack” in the exterior wall, allowing direct light to shine into the atrium. Reflective light extends deeply into the atrium, creating a minimalist white space.

Crystal office building / sako architects

The curtain walls on the north, south, east, and west elevations have inconspicuous mullions to maintain a sleek appearance. The building, covering 3,000 m² and standing 126 meters tall, boasts a volume of 380,000 cubic meters. The “cracks” on each side (north, south, east, and west) give the structure the appearance of a glass crystal. These “cracks” not only bring daylight into the atrium but also serve as private terraces for adjacent offices and common terraces connected to the atrium.

Crystal office building / sako architects

At night, the building transforms into an illusionary figure. Horizontal bands of light reveal the stacked atrium, and vertical lights highlight the “cracks,” gradually changing colors to blue and purple. This creates a futuristic, science fiction-like impression. Locals describe the undulating “cracks” as “like a rising dragon.”

Crystal office building / sako architects
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Address: Jinan, Shandong, China

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