Crystal Restaurant / NH Village Architects

Architects: NH Village Architects
Area: 550 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki
Manufacturers: Croled Lighting, Khanh Teracotta, TERRACO, VAC
Lead Architects: Tran Dai Nghia, Nguyen Phuong Hieu
Lighting Designers: Croled Lighting
Program / Use / Building Function: Japanese food Restaurant
City: Hanoi
Country: Vietnam

Crystal Restaurant, located on 53 Hang Chuoi Street in Hanoi, is a renovated tube-shaped house designed to serve high-quality Japanese grilled beef dishes. The restaurant features a unique blend of interior and exterior elements, incorporating a large old tree on the property to enhance its landscape and create an elegant dining experience.

Crystal restaurant / nh village architects

The restaurant was designed and renovated from a long, tube-shaped house on 53 Hang Chuoi Street, an old street in Hanoi, and specializes in high-quality Japanese grilled beef dishes. A large, old tree on the property is a key element in the design of the restaurant’s exterior landscape. The common dining area is located on the first floor, while private dining rooms occupy the second and third floors. The primary design concept focuses on creating a space with contrasting crystal lights and the soft, deep landscape outside, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Crystal restaurant / nh village architects

The exterior of the restaurant features multi-faceted glass windows inspired by the corners of crystal blocks. These windows have a free-form shape, with openings strategically placed to suit the landscape view and the guests’ seating positions, enhancing the indoor experience and diversifying the connection with the external landscape. The entrance to the restaurant is through a garden under the shade of a large tree, with low-level soft landscaping. Guests pause in front of a reflecting pool, observing and experiencing the activity in the restaurant kitchen through a large window. The common dining area on the first floor opens to the outside landscape through the multi-faceted glass windows.

The second floor features dining rooms with curved glass brick walls. Light from the bottom of the glass wall reflects across its surface, highlighting the beauty of the crystal material and enhancing the lighting effect when viewed from both inside the room and the walkway outside. The curved glass doors are made from custom-made, rough-textured glass, creating a sense of unity with the glass brick walls.

A golden silk fabric-pressed glass wall separates the dining rooms on the third floor. These glass walls create an airy space while maintaining privacy, as they do not allow visibility into the adjacent rooms. Elliptical crystal lamps, designed specifically for the restaurant, provide accent lighting for the third-floor private dining rooms. The entire floor is covered with a locally famous ceramic tile, known for its rough yet shiny surface and color variations from the firing process. This material is used consistently throughout the floors from the first to the third, resonating with the gloss of glass bricks and crystals in the interior.

Crystal restaurant / nh village architects
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Address: 53 Hang Chuoi Street, Pham Dinh Ho, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam

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