How Casinos Use Design Psychology to Get You to Gamble More

If you didn’t know it, you will soon discover how casinos use design psychology to get you to gamble more. Land-based casino establishments have actually been designed to trick players into remaining at the tables or at the bar through a series of psychological elements.

The casino industry heavily relies on other people’s money; so naturally, the casino would urge players to stay. However, instead of it being a friend egging you on to be morally supportive, the casino uses furniture, colour effects and other fixtures to make players feel right at home. In order to bring in new clients, especially at locally established land-based casinos, casino owners need to get creative and use tricks that appeal to the subconscious to lure players in without them knowing what the casino is up to. In some cases, the tricks and antics are entirely beneficial to the casino and its players, while in other instances, only the casino benefits.

Should the casino be the only entity benefiting, players will either not know their limits or they will excessively drink at the casino bar.

Here is what casinos, both offline and online, didn’t want you to know. Study these carefully to outsmart the system.

The Strategic Use of Colours

Have you ever noticed how most brick-and-mortar casinos use similar décor? All casinos have more or less the same interior even though they may be different from one another. The décor is usually rich in colour with the use of warm browns, velvet reds and timid yellows. The colours are dim yet inviting, and they complement the illusion the casino gives of being an after-hours attraction no matter the hour of the day.

If the casino is well designed or has had a designer come in visitors will often see shapes and bold colours enhancing these shapes to draw attention to the casino floor and subconsciously attract visitors to the enticing games filled with players around the tables.

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Fine Furniture to Portray Elegance and Riches

The furniture adorning the floors of a casino may not mean much, however, casinos don’t spend lightly on decorating the walls or the tables. The casino furniture has been made to comfortably seat players for hours on end and is almost as comfortable as your very own bed. The rich furniture is visually appealing, designed to attract players to relax with refreshments before moving on to the next game where they will gamble using their money.

Many of the biggest land-based casinos purchase designer quality loungers, couches and settees. The bathrooms are also heavily adorned with exquisite accessories allowing ladies to powder their noses in comfort and the men to rest their legs while waiting on their friends. This is all a part of the psychology used in attracting players and keeping them there.

In the bigger casino establishments such as the ones filling the strip of Las Vegas, visitors can admire eloquent furniture that comes with a hefty price tag. Some of the most expensive furniture in the world is on display at these famous Vegas casinos, attracting celebs and high rollers to spend unbelievable amounts of cold hard-earned cash. Bigger casinos need to splurge more and often these establishments hire professionals to attract the famous. The higher the expenses, the bigger the client.

Convenience with Accommodation

Many land-based casinos offer accommodations to players seeking an overnight experience. This is also comfort for players enjoying their game time into the early hours of the morning. They are able to book a room at their own leisure and are encouraged to visit again after a morning buffet.

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Location, Location, Location

Usually, casinos are located on the outskirts of town, apart from city-based casinos. These kinds of casinos are used as a means to escape and go on a mini vacation of sorts while the casino benefits from players at the tables. Location also works into the positive psyche of players and often lures visitors from afar to get away from the hustle and bustle while still standing the chance to make up any expenses spent back at the tables.

Smart Membership Ideas

Members hold cards which are usually handed to high rollers and in return, these golden clients get rewards, discounts, meals and coupons. Through membership, casinos have a solid flow of income and gain reputable marketing without having to advertise. Members are treated like royalty and in turn word of mouth reaches friends and family often luring in potential new members with the same expectations their long-standing patrons are accustomed to.

The Effective Use of Space

If you haven’t already noticed the casino floor is usually large standing countless casino slots or table games. This is not only to home a variety of games catering to all kinds of players but it is also intended to give players privacy and space. Imagine practically sitting on top of the person seated next to you. Chances are you would either move on to another game or leave.

Casinos leave space in between their games so that players don’t get irritated and become inclined to leave. The breathing space is really considerate even though it has been used as a psychological tool to keep players enraptured in their own little world.

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Hypnotic Sounds

One would think all the sounds coming from the casino gaming machines would be the equivalent of a noisy bee hive however this is not the case. The sound of all those games combined has actually been proven to be stimulating appearing to sound like winners being paid out. This could subconsciously encourage gamblers to play thinking they too will win the jackpot prize.

The sounds combined hum a lyrical tune which is really appealing, transporting players to a world of possibilities and excitement. This is indeed a fantastic psychological trick and one usually welcomed by aware players who have an idea about casinos and entrapment.

The Non-Stop Entertainment Factor

Casinos have everything from entertainment like shows and stand-up comedy to concerts and duets enticing people to the casino even if they don’t indulge in gambling. Designed to give off the illusion there is always something happening, casino design psychology works in hopes of attracting more visitors the majority of which should be gamblers.

For visitors who don’t gamble, casinos host these events in hopes these attractions pique the curiosity of unwilling gamblers and eventually get them to grace their casino floor.

Entertainment is mutually beneficial for players at the casino as well as the casino itself. The entertainment brings in more foot traffic while players can enjoy a quick game of Poker after the show. In some cases, husbands leave their wives to enjoy a show whilst they enjoy a quick hand at cards. Everyone seems to win with this psychological tactic.

Have another Drink – Easy Access to Bars

Fancy a drink or two? Alcohol and gambling don’t go hand in hand if you can’t limit your liquor. Chances are if a drinker is losing they might make a scene drawing unwanted attention and eventually be asked to leave the floor. However, there are those gamblers who find that a glass of single malt might be just the thing they need to loosen up and throw some cash on a quick game of Roulette or visit their most favoured progressive jackpot game.

Throughout the casino, people may notice there are a number of bars leading to new games as well as waiters and waitresses gracing.

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The Illusion of the Evening Sky

All through the casino there are numerous dimmed lights. Casinos are usually built with lower ceilings to promote the illusion of the evening sky. The dimmed lights add authenticity to the appeal of the evening and players are often lost for time. It’s like Alice down the rabbit hole. You feel like it is early evening and your winning streak is running hot but by the time you look at your watch it’s nearly 2 a.m. in the morning and the only reason why you checked is because you had forgotten to eat dinner. But don’t worry! The casino has your back. Designed to rooft some of the most eloquent diners, casinos usually have all the best food.

The darkened casino pretending to be nighttime almost encourages gamblers to eat amazing food fit for an evening meal and then venture back to the slots section no matter the time of day or night.

Of course, everyone needs to eventually go home but the casino has been designed to never give up, acting almost as a human by luring players in with her beauty, keeping them there with her luxurious manner and asking them to come back to experience the welcomed abuse so many seem to enjoy. So even though these factors have been designed to attract and keep players, casino members will tell you they are happy to return because as much as it sounds like doom and gloom, playing casino games at a land-based establishment is something we are willing do in hopes of winning cash prizes and many are lucky enough to actually walk away with winnings and no losses.

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