Learn the Difference Between Studio Apartments and One Bedroom

With a rapidly growing urban population, traditional homes are either going down on the construction order or are presented as part of gated societies that are often quite expensive to acquire. For most people, whether they are looking for purchasing or for renting/leasing, apartment complexes are most feasible.

Difference Between Studio Apartments and One Bedroom

They’re usually constructed within the main city limits with access to any and all amenities and are cozy enough for nuclear families and bachelors alike.

Types of Apartments

You have various options for apartments, from four bedrooms to just one, and it is the latter that confuses people the most. Fundamentally, there are several differences between a one-bedroom apartment and its posher and cozier cousin: the studio apartment.

Known popularly as a single apartment or in advertising terms a 1BHK, a one-bedroom apartment has a medium-sized bedroom, a small or medium-sized open kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. Depending on the contractor and the budget, additional features also like a double-leveled storage space are also included.

But, the location matters too. In areas with susceptibility to cold, a fireplace is available while a single balcony is found in more space-friendly estates. These features are seldom default and should not be considered otherwise.

Difference Between Studio and Apartment

Conversely, a studio apartment lacks many such amenities, though in some locales it is costlier than a single apartment. The main distinction is the lack of a living room or a shared seating area. The apartment comprises just a large single room which compartmentalizes without raising walls on three sides for the division.

You get one small open kitchen and a bathroom with it. While the bathroom is mostly designed separately from the room, for plumbing reasons, the kitchen can be retrofitted in the corner of your choice. The bed takes center stage in this arrangement while partial screens can be installed to create a lounging area.

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To summarize, a one-bedroom apartment features distinctly separate spaces for a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom, with the option of a balcony. It is usually opted for by nuclear families, and the comparatively higher rent is better managed by working professionals living together.

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A studio apartment is bereft of most of these amenities and features a giant-sized room that is compartmentalized partially and often manually for kitchen and lounging. Bachelors/Bachelorettes, people, working away from home, and couples with no children are the commonest occupants of a studio apartment.

When it comes to soundproofing, there are notable differences between studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments. In a studio apartment, the lack of separate rooms makes it challenging to isolate sound effectively. On the other hand, one-bedroom apartments offer the advantage of having distinct rooms, including a separate bedroom, which naturally helps contain noise in specific areas. If you’re looking for soundproofing solutions tailored to these specific apartment types, our room soundproofing guide provides practical guidance on enhancing acoustic privacy and reducing noise disturbances.

A studio apartment is also more comfortable on the expense side as the smaller space reduces heating, air conditioning, and electricity costs while also making it easier to clean. Lesser area equals lesser furniture, and for a budget-conscious occupant, it serves the purpose well. Moreover, if you like living in hotel suites and want to emulate the feel of them but with a kitchen as an addition, studio apartments are the best choice.

If you’re a bachelor who is looking to share the cost with a roommate or two, then retrofitting the living room of a single-bedroom apartment is more feasible than getting a two-bedroom one.

What’s Our Pick?

In the end, the one similarity between both is the coziness factor and at the end of the day a home sweet home that feels adequately cozy and warm sounds just about right.

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