Does Walmart Sell Bean Bags?

When it comes to furniture, Walmart has something for every need and budget! You don’t have to ask “does Walmart sell bean bags or not.” 

Hence, we weren’t surprised by the wide range of top grade bean bag chairs that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you asking yourself what are the types of bean bags are there that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, happily the answer is simple, there are plenty! 

So, if you have been on the hunt for one to make your living room or bedroom more functional, or you have the intention to buy a bean bag chair for boats, then here are our top picks. 

Different Categories Of Bean Bags

Does walmart sell bean bags

1. Classic Round

Classic round bean bags are among the most common types found in residential as well as commercial spaces. As the name suggests, these have a round shape (like a ball) to provide enough space to accommodate the person sitting atop and taking his or her body shape. 

Furthermore, they are available in different sizes so that you can pick one according to the available space. Likewise, the outer coverings and filling can also differ from one brand to another. 

2. Square

Unlike the traditional round-shaped bean bags, the square-shaped ones are considered more comfortable by some users as they are more defined. Not only that, but they may also have cushions for both the seat and headrest, as well as the armrests. Hence, they can help replicate the experience of sitting on an actual chair that’s softer. 

One additional feature to look for in these bean bags is a couple of side pockets, which will help you keep the essentials like remotes and phones in the vicinity. 

3. Gaming Bean Bag Chairs

Since gaming usually involves long hours of sitting, you’d want a bean bag chair that can provide you with optimum comfort as well as some “gaming” functionality. In this regard, you can opt for gaming bean bags that are made of a memory foam filling and have a breathable outer cover. They have superior contouring properties that adapt to the shape of your body and body heat for prolonged periods. 

Plus, some of them come with integrated speakers for the ultimate immersive gaming experience. You can also get recliner or lounger chairs, which may have an elongated shape and more leg space. 

4. Novelty Chairs

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for your child or want to add some quirkiness to the décor, then novelty bean bag chairs are definitely worth considering. Their biggest highlight is their innovative designs, which can be anything from a huge emoji or even an elephant! 

The other options in this category include Marvel or sports-themed chairs. Moreover, they don’t compromise on comfort, which is a bonus. 

Price Range

Depending on the materials, design, and size, the price of a bean bag can range anywhere between $10 and $200 or above. For example, the standard-size bean bags may cost between $14 and $100. 

On the other hand, larger bean bags or the Marvel-themed ones may start from $100. Long story short, there’s something for every budget!

Why It Makes Sense To Buy From Walmart

Whether you’re buying online or offline, Walmart offers several benefits like:

    • Free next-day delivery on certain products
    • In-house financial services
    • Self-checkout registers for fast and convenient shopping
    • Cashbacks, discounts, and bonuses
    • Some outlets may offer free overnight RV parking

Does walmart sell bean bags

Does Walmart Sell Bean Bags Conclusion

We hope we have helped you choose the perfect bean bag for your space. But you can always visit your nearest physical store or check the website to see more options.

And before you buy one, make sure it’s of the perfect size for the room and the user. After all, no one likes ill-fitted furniture, right?

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