Lorelai Greene

Lorelai Greene

Lorelai is a London-born interior designer by trade, a designer who chose sunny Barcelona against rainy London to pursue writing after graduation, she then joined Architecture Lab in 2017 as a design contributor.


  • Lorelai joined Architecture Lab as a design contributor in 2017
  • Apart from the writing pursuit, Lorelai is also chasing waves in Northern Spain
  • She has a research-heavy approach and great communication and organizational skills
  • Lorelai and Aida are the backbone of Architecture Lab today


Lorelai is a free spirit and great communicator who pursues a calm and down-to-earth lifestyle on her own terms. At Architecture Lab she currently enjoys the position of Senior Content Manager while still tackling home décor, DIY trends, and product design topics extensively.

She loves keeping the team organized and in sync and is a huge advocate for good communication both at the workplace and in her personal life.


  • Home Improvement
  • Interior design
  • Technology
  • Paint
  • Architecture


Aida is a graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design of London

TITLE | Design Contributor at Architecture Lab

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