Dominio del Pidio Winery / Faber 1900

Architects: Faber 1900
Area: 1,753 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Clara Larrea
Lead Architect: Dionisio Rodríguez Douze
Agricultural Engineer: Javier Gómez Garrido
City: Quintana del Pidio
Country: Spain

The Faber 1900-designed winery restoration project in Quintana del Pidio, Spain, revives dilapidated wineries using existing materials (rock, stone, earth), reinforced concrete, and solid perforated brick. Completed in 2018, the intervention respects original structures, reinforcing and unifying them with concrete vaults. The project, led by architect Dionisio Rodríguez Douze, reflects gratitude and a deep connection to the land, symbolizing the return of wine to its roots. Photographs by Clara Larrea capture the transformation.

Dominio del pidio winery / faber 1900

A landscape of vineyards surrounds the village of Quintana del Pidio. In the winery district, located in the lower part of the village, many wineries have suffered deterioration from time and human activity. These buildings show signs of decay and have mostly collapsed, with only traces remaining over the years.

A client with a long-standing interest in good wines commissioned the project. The goal was to preserve a cherished memory and ensure the continuity of the winery’s legacy.

The project adhered to a specific criterion using three types of materials: existing elements (rock, stone, earth), structural components (reinforced concrete), and microstructural elements (solid perforated brick). Drafts in good condition were restored, while the ruined ones were cleaned, reinforced, and joined using reinforced concrete vaults.

The intervention aimed to balance restoration and minimal alteration. The project followed one criterion, employing three materials: existing (rock, stone, earth), structural (reinforced concrete), and microstructural (solid perforated brick). Drafts in good condition were restored, and the ruined ones were cleaned, reinforced, and connected with reinforced concrete vaults.

The result achieved the desired functionality, symbolizing the return of wine production to its origin. This project embodies gratitude and a deep respect for the land, akin to a silent smile.

Dominio del pidio winery / faber 1900
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Project Location

Address: 55, 56 Los Lagares Street, Quintana del Pidio, Burgos 09370, Spain

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