Dong Baek Wooden House / mlnp Architects

Architects: mlnp architects
Area: 105 m²
Year: 2021
Photography: Jinbo Choi
Manufacturers: American Standard, Boral, Custom made, DOMUS METAL, Legrand, NOVITA 208, YOUNGLIM
Lead Architects: Myung Ho Lee, Eui Jin Park
Construction: TaeYoun D&F Architect
City: Yongin-si
Country: South Korea

Dongbaek Wooden House, a residential building designed by mlnp architects in Yongin-si, South Korea, utilizes the unique qualities of timber in its construction. This house showcases the natural beauty and structural properties of wood inside and out and caters to the specific needs of a family of four. Its design allows for a deep connection with the changing seasons and the passage of time, enhanced by its thoughtful layout and the use of natural materials.

Dong baek wooden house / mlnp architects

The Dongbaek Wooden House stands in Hyangrin Hill, an area in Yongin-si historically planned for townhouses. The property’s unique topography features a stepped layout with open southern views. Although situated on a large plot within a natural green area, the available building space was restricted, challenging the architects to maximize the use of a heavy timber structure.

The interior of the house exposes as much of the wooden framework as possible, highlighting the aesthetic appeal of the timber. Akoya Wood was chosen as a primary finishing material for both the interior and exterior, complementing the use of bricks and exposed concrete. These exterior walls are designed to showcase the wood’s physical properties by incorporating pine patterns.

From the outside, the house appears simple, yet the interior offers a complex arrangement of spaces through multi-level cross-sections and a sloped roof. To address the intense summer sunlight, a long wooden shade on the south side also frames the external views from within the house.

Dong baek wooden house / mlnp architects

Functional zoning within the house accommodates a family lifestyle for four, including two children. The ground floor features a tea room adjacent to the dining area, equipped with a three-sided folding door that opens to an external terrace in summer and transforms into a cozy family space in winter. The upper level contains three rooms oriented towards the south, with bathrooms and void spaces strategically placed to ensure privacy.

In summary, the Dongbaek Wooden House is crafted to enhance the daily life of its residents by embracing the intrinsic benefits of wood as a building material. The design reflects a harmonious balance between form and function, enabling the family to experience the warmth and resilience of wood throughout the seasons.

Dong baek wooden house / mlnp architects
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Address: Yongin-si, South Korea

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