14 Best Engraved Gifts for Men You Should Buy

The best gifts for men should be both meaningful and functional in their daily lives. If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for your loved one, there are many options you can consider: from customized watches to decanters to BBQ grilling sets.

Nothing says “thoughtful” more than personalized gifts!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your special man, engraved gifts are stylish and practical.

A gift personalized to his TASTE and LIFESTYLE is one he’ll want to use again and again.

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, family member, or guy friend, check out this list of the best-engraved gifts for men.

Best Engraved Gifts for Men

If you want to up your gift-giving game, find out the top 14 engraved gifts for men below:

1. Engraved Watch

Engraved watch

A sophisticated engraved watch is the perfect accessory for a day at the office or for fine dining on your anniversary.

Engravable with up to 4 lines of text, you can imprint a heartfelt message he’ll carry every time he wears it.

Sleek and classy, it’s a luxurious gift that can easily fit into any clothing style.

2. Engraved Decanter

This personalized glassware will surely have you taking out his favorite whiskey.

An engraved decanter is the ideal gift for all whiskey lovers out there. You can fill it with up to 25 oz. of whiskey.

He’ll surely appreciate this classy glass set while having drinks with his friends and loved ones.

Get this with personalized rocks glasses to complete the gift set.

3. Engraved Shot Glasses

Following the thread of personalized glassware, customized shot glasses are one of the coolest engraved gifts for men.

A custom shot glass set can be a fun party favor or a cool coming-of-age gift. Fill a glass with his favorite drink and have a fun time!

This gift set also comes with a wooden box for safekeeping. You can even engrave the box to add some extra style.

A customized shot glass set is a wonderful gift idea he’ll definitely treasure for a long time.

4. Engraved Wine Glasses

You can’t go wrong with wine glasses if you want a timeless gift idea that will have your wine connoisseur jumping with joy.

This 20-ounce engraved glassware can be engraved with up to three lines of text and enough volume for a romantic night in.

Commemorate important life events or imprint love quotes for a meaningful touch.

It’s a versatile gift fit for any occasion!

5. Engraved Beer Stein

He’ll surely be the talk of the party with this engraved beer stein.

It’s the best gift to keep his favorite beer fresh and prevent accidental spills. Engrave a metal plate with his full name or initials for a truly badass beer stein.

Whether he’ll crack open a cold one with the guys or go to the bar, this custom beer stein will be a real head-turner.

6. Engraved Bottle Opener

Engraved wood bottle opener

Tired of the same old “Best Dad in the World” mugs? Why not try a bottle opener?

Get this personalized bar tool if he loves to relax and drink a cold beer after a tiring day.

You can also pair this engraved bottle opener with other engraved gifts for men, like a custom-made beer stein.

It’s a cool and practical present that both family and friends will love.

7. Engraved Hammer

One of the greatest engraved gifts for men is customizing one of his favorite things.

If he’s taken with DIY, an engraved hammer is an encouraging way to show how much you care about his interests.

Personalize it with an amusing pun, and he might just let out a chuckle. The wooden handle can accommodate up to 50 characters of text.

If you want to keep it simple, engrave his initials for a minimalist design.

8. Engraved Briefcase

Looking for an engraved gift for the modern man?

Get your guy a personalized leather briefcase that he can carry around all his everyday or business essentials.

Engrave his initials on the front for a truly classy look.

He’ll leave out looking dashing with this dark brown case in hand. Perfect for ANY occasion.

9. Engraved Pen

If there’s one thing every guy should have on their desk, it’s a pen.

An engraved pen may seem cliché, but there’s no denying that it’s as elegant as it is functional. It is nothing short of professional.

Get a gold pen engraved with his initials for a truly one-of-a-kind accessory he can use to fill and sign papers every day.

It’s a great gift idea to give to your boss, your guy friend, or basically any man in your life.

10. Engraved Compass

An engraved compass is a novelty keepsake he’ll want to carry.

As a symbol of inspiration, it’s the perfect gift for wanderlust travelers or any guy who works far from home.

Engrave this timeless piece with a touching message that will warm his heart even when he’s away.

You can even sign it in your own handwriting!

With an antique beauty and a thoughtful message, it’s a sentimental gift that promises a way back home.

11. Engraved Docking Station

Help him get his life organized with this engraved docking station. It can be used to arrange his essential items or as a display for his collection.

Suave and convenient, it can fit easily on a nightstand for easy access.

Your guy will surely appreciate such a caring gift that can help him relax after a long, tiring day.

12. Engraved Humidor

Cigar box and case

If you’re looking for a humidor for your cigar aficionado, this engraved cigar box will have him jumping for joy.

Made from Spanish cedar and equipped with a hygrometer and a humidifier, this cigar box can keep his collection of cigars fresh and aromatic.

When everything’s puffed out, it can also be repurposed as a stylish storage box as well.

He’s free to fill it with cash, cufflinks, bowties, and small liquor and glass bottles.

Get him this beautifully engraved gift alongside a whiskey set to complete the package.

13. Engraved Lighter

Nothing screams cool more than an engraved lighter.

If you’re looking for the perfect supplement to an aficionado’s cigar set, a sleek Zippo lighter with an engraved design is a wonderful addition.

Personalize it with his name or a catchy word for a polished finish.

You can also pair this custom gift with an accompanying engraved cigar and whiskey set.

14. Engraved BBQ Grilling Set

When he wants to barbeque at a friend’s house or cook homemade dinner for two, he can grill something up with this engraved BBQ set.

With stainless steel and quality handles, this gift set includes a grill fork, a spatula, and a pair of tongs.

Engrave the wooden box with a classy monogram, and you’ve got the perfect birthday or father’s day gift for the BBQ connoisseur in your life!

What Should I Engrave on My Gift?

Now that you’ve picked up the perfect gift, you need to figure out what to ENGRAVE on it.

There’s more to customized engravings than just picking out words. Consider what you want the receiver to feel about the gift: moved? amused? excited?

You might also need to consider whether you’re customizing a personal or professional gift.

Engravings last for a long time, so you need to choose wisely.

Here are some great engraving ideas that can help narrow down your choices:

1. Names

When in doubt, you can always engrave the receiver’s name.

It would be a safe, classic option if you got your boss for secret Santa or for your no-nonsense dad who likes minimal designs.

Names are perfect for personal accessories like wallets, pens, journals, and desk sets.

If their name is too long, you can opt for initials. Monogramming is ideal for smaller gifts such as the underside of a watch, briefcase handles, or card holders.

Simple engravings make for a timeless piece that feels truly personalized.

2. Messages

A personalized gift is a unique way to celebrate your relationship with your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband.

A heartfelt message feels all the more memorable when engraved on a custom gift.

Tailor the statement to reflect your bond and history. You can try putting your favorite inside joke, a cheesy pick-up line, or a meaningful message you’ve always wanted to tell them.

Handwriting your message makes a HUGE difference.

Handwritten engravings are among the most intimate personalized gifts you can give your loved ones. It can make for a treasured heirloom or keepsake.

Make the words count because most custom engravings only allow about 30 to 70 characters.


Wooden hammer engraved with a message

While “I Love You” is a timeless quote that will never wear with age, you can stand to be a bit creative.

If you want to go for a commonly-used statement, make sure you find one that still feels personal for you and your special guy.

Use an appropriate quote that matches the amazing gift you’ve picked out.

Lastly, don’t forget to CHECK YOUR SPELLING before sending your intended message to the engraver.

Pros and Cons of Personalized Gifts

Engraved gifts for men are a great way to personalize any item and show how much you care for a loved one.

That said, they are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to gift-giving.

If you’re planning on giving personalized gifts to the men in your life, consider the following pros and cons of engraved gifts for men:


There are many positive reasons to get engraved gifts. Let’s find out what makes them stand out among other conventional gift ideas:

Adds a Personal Touch

The main feature of a customized gift is that it’s personalized for the receiver.

Whether you engrave their name or a special message, it becomes all the more special because it’s intended just for them.

Something as simple as a picture frame can be a memorable gift that the receiver will cherish for a long time.

It shows how important the receiver is to you by having their gift custom-made.

Helps Identify THE Item

If you plan to give a pen to your husband, chances are they already have several other pens lying around.

Everyday items like these can easily get lost around the house or office.

Luckily, having essential items engraved can ensure that they stand out in the crowd. It’s great if you live with people who own similar items (e.g., a tablet, journal, etc.).

It also safeguards the gift from theft.

An engraved luxury item would be harder to pass off than someone else’s if it had your husband’s initials on it.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Whether it’s your son’s birthday or a co-worker’s retirement party, an engraved gift is just the right amount of sentimental.

The versatility of personalized gifts means that you can use them for personal or corporate gifting.


On the other hand, engraved gifts also have drawbacks for both the gift giver and receiver:

Costs Extra

If you want to add engravings on personalized gifts, it’s going to COST you.

The overall expense would depend on the size or length of the engraved design, the item it will be engraved on, and the fee charged by the engraver.

Pricing for basic engravings on small items can range from $10 to $25. Custom designs can go up to $100, particularly if you plan to engrave jewelry.

Make sure that you can cover the additional expense of a personalized gift if you plan on getting one.

Longer PROCESSING And Delivery Time

The engraving process itself takes about 3 to 5 minutes to accomplish. However, when you account for the time it takes to set up the order, it can stretch to several hours.

The engraver will have to be informed on the size of the design, where it will be engraved, the font of the text, and other specifications.

If the store already has an engraver, your order can be done sooner. Otherwise, it will be shipped to a third-party service.

It can take days to weeks to get the finished product and have it delivered to you.

You’ll have to PREPARE the gift in advance if you want to receive it on time.

Harder to Give Away or Refund

It won’t be easy if you decide to return or give away the engraved gift for whatever reason.

Most stores don’t accept refunds or returns of engraved products.

Additionally, the resale value of an engraved item drops, making it harder to sell.

Unless you’re absolutely sure that a personalized gift is something he’ll value, you might be better off finding another present.

Engraved pen with a book and paper

Engraved Gifts Frequently Asked Questions

Here are related questions about engraved gifts for men:

Can I Make My Own Engraved Gifts?

Yes, you can definitely make your own engraved items.

Any object can be customized, provided you have the right tools. You’ll need an engraving machine that can engrave on your chosen material.

If you plan to engrave jewelry or metal materials, a fiber laser is the best laser engraver for the job.

How Long Does It Take To Engrave an Item?

The time it takes to do laser engravings depends on several factors.

You need to consider the power of the machine, the size, depth, and complexity of the design, and the material you’ll be working on.

The actual engraving process can be as fast as 5 seconds to 10 minutes, but the whole process can take hours to complete.

High-end laser engravers typically perform better than lower-cost machines but are comparatively pricier.


Make your personalized gift SPECIAL by engraving memorable messages.

Whether you’re buying for your spouse, brother, dad, or guy friends, there are several engraved gifts for men you can choose from.

Find out what would best suit his lifestyle, interests, and needs for a truly thoughtful gift he will cherish (and use) for a long time.

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