Four-cornered Villa / Avanto Architects

Architects: Avanto Architects
Area: 78 m²
Year: 2010
Photography: Kuvio – Anders Portman and Martin Sommerschield
Structural Engineering: Konstru Oy
Electrical Engineering: Virtain Sähkötyö Oy
City: Virrat
Country: Finland

Four-cornered Villa residential building designed by Avanto Architects on a horseshoe-shaped island, completed in 2010, utilizes a cross-shaped layout to capture four distinct views. The villa’s dark exterior contrasts with its light interior, integrating seamlessly into the natural surroundings.

The site of the Four-cornered Villa, designed by Avanto Architects, is located on a horseshoe-shaped island facing north and east. The villa’s cross-like shape extends towards four distinct views, creating an open yet defined space.

Four-cornered villa / avanto architects

The villa’s exterior is entirely black, contrasting with its very light interior. The dark color makes the building nearly invisible when viewed from the lake. The flat roof adds a touch of irony to modern architectural clichés.

Four-cornered villa / avanto architects

Insulated well and heated solely by wood, the villa is carbon neutral. It lacks running water, and solar panels provide electricity. Vegetables and herbs are cultivated on-site, and Vaskivesi Lake is a good spot for catching pike-perch.

Four-cornered villa / avanto architects

The simple, ascetic lifestyle in the countryside offered by the villa sharply contrasts with the hectic city life, allowing residents to minimize their environmental impact.

Four-cornered villa / avanto architects
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Project Location

Address: Virrat, Pirkanmaa 34800, Finland

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