Fragrant Lake*Wiki World Natural Camp / Wiki World

Architects: Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL], Wiki World
Area: 600 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Arch EXIST
Design Team: Wei Mu, Baorong Wu, Wen He, Zhaoxian Feng, Liwen Tao
Construction: Wiki World
Client: Hongan Fushan real estate development, Fragrant Lake
City: Huanggang
Country: China

The 2023 Fragrant Lake architectural project by Advanced Architecture Lab [AaL] and Wiki World, located in Huanggang, China, covers a sprawling 200 acres and features 13 uniquely crafted wooden cabins. As part of the Wiki World Co-Building Plan, these cabins explore the interaction between architecture and natural surroundings. The project emphasizes sustainable building practices and the diverse potential of residential architecture, offering cabins named Dumbo, Obelisk, Pyramid, Giraffe, Sprite, and Wiki Shelter. Each design uniquely integrates with the environment, showcasing innovative use of materials and space to minimize ecological impact and enhance the inhabitant’s experience of nature.

Fragrant lake*wiki world natural camp / wiki world

This project is situated in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, encompassing approximately 200 acres, with 13 wooden houses scattered throughout. It forms part of the Wiki World Co-Building Plan, which aims to construct a series of unique natural homes integrated with the environment.

The architects designed and constructed six different cabin types alongside intriguing partners, blending site selection with the exploration of living possibilities, resulting in a diverse array of residences. The subjective nature of dwelling is emphasized, influenced by individual curiosity, the approach to the site, and the desired views from within.

The cabins include Dumbo, named for its prominent black double-sloped roof resembling elephant ears, featuring a loft with two large beds and a living room oriented towards nature. The giraffe stands tall like its namesake, with a high wooden structure that merges into the tree line, utilizing reflective materials to minimize visual impact on the environment. This cabin’s design allows for an immersive experience in nature, especially from the terrace of the top-floor bedroom.

Fragrant lake*wiki world natural camp / wiki world

Pyramid, the initial installation of the Wiki World project, has evolved into a wooden house with a spacious attic bedroom and a weather-resistant terrace, highly favored by the designers for its embodiment of a forest dwelling. Obelisk maintains a monumental form, with divine and expansive living spaces across two levels, including a top-floor bedroom that invokes a sense of belief.

The Sprite cabin, intended for elf-like solitude, features crystal-like shapes and mirror materials that blend into its secluded peninsula setting. Wiki Shelter, meanwhile, provides basic, yet comfortable accommodation reminiscent of a hunter’s hut, enhanced with modern comforts.

In adherence to natural construction philosophies, the project preserved existing trees and the original landscape’s texture, with all cabins constructed from prefabricated wooden structures assembled on-site. This approach reflects a commitment to environmental harmony and innovative architectural practices, ensuring that each structure complements its natural surroundings effectively.

Fragrant lake*wiki world natural camp / wiki world
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Address: Huanggang City, Hubei Province, China

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