Frame House / Théque Atelier

Architects: Théque Atelier
Area: 140 m²
Year: 2024
Photographs: Balázs Danyi
Lead Architect: Gergely Álmos
Interior Design: Gergely Álmos, Ágnes Bubla
Structural Engineer: László Szőnyi
City: Szeged
Country: Hungary

Frame House, designed by Théque Atelier, stands out with its black framing porch and facade in Szőreg, the oldest district of Szeged. This new residence aims to integrate nature closely with the living spaces, breaking away from the neighborhood’s traditional dark and closed interiors. Positioned on a loess hill next to conservation woods, the house embraces the context of front-gabled houses.

Frame house / théque atelier

A new house, characterized by its black framing porch and facade, has emerged in Szőreg, the oldest district of Szeged. Designed by Théque Atelier, Frame House diverges from the neighborhood’s traditional dark and enclosed interiors, aiming to bring nature as close as possible to the living spaces. The plot is situated on a loess hill next to conservation woods and amidst front-gabled houses.

Szőreg, an area older than Szeged, has a rich history. It has been a busy area due to its elevated position on the Hungarian Great Plain, chosen by Avar settlers, home to an abbey destroyed by Cumans, a site of independence battles, and in the 20th century, a center for fruit and rose production. Construction of the house began with a six-month archaeological excavation, unearthing numerous clay pots and archaeological remains from the Avar period.

The nature-loving residents desired a living space closely connected to nature and wanted to use the large, narrow plot for gardening and planting. The main concept features a cantilevered framed porch floating above the sloping terrain, allowing vegetation to grow under the house. The frame surrounds and organizes two main blocks with gable walls typical of the urban character. One block contains intimate rooms, while the other houses common living spaces. The frame delineates two atriums—the arrival area and a sunny terrace—strengthening the connection with nature and providing transparent views between different spaces.

All rooms and interiors have direct connections to nature through the surrounding porch. The entrance garden leads to the service area in the middle, dividing the house into intimate rooms and common living spaces. The porch’s modular system also shapes the rest of the house, giving the building a well-proportioned rhythm.

Frame house / théque atelier
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Address: Szőreg, Szeged, 6771, Hungary

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