Fugazzi Basement Bar / studio gram

Architects: studio gram
Area: 138 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Timothy Kaye
Interior Design: Tess Sporn
Project Director: Dave Bickmore, Graham Charbonneau
City: Adelaide
Country: Australia

Fugazzi Basement Bar, an immersive venue designed by studio gram in an unspecified location, merges reality with fantasy, creating a unique underground experience for its visitors. The design, featuring reflective surfaces, bi-tonal timber, marble, and geometric tiles, evokes a sense of luxurious nostalgia, positioning the space as both a tangible setting and an evocative illusion. This concept ensures that Fugazzi Bar is not just a location but an experience that blends past aesthetics with contemporary design elements to engage and mystify its guests. While the space presents itself physically, the overarching theme emphasizes its nature as an interpretive play of eras, rather than a direct historical re-creation.

Fugazzi basement bar / studio gram

When one hears the word Fugazzi, it evokes the idea of something counterfeit; it is ambiguous, enigmatic, and akin to fairy dust. It is non-existent, has never materialized, lacks substance, is not listed on the elemental chart, and is fundamentally unreal.

Fugazzi is an immersive space designed by its creators, transports guests into a unique underground setting where reality and fantasy converge. The intimate, dimly lit venue invites visitors to descend into an atmosphere that blurs the lines between the actual and the imagined. As patrons settle at the bar, they are enveloped in a sense of mystery, encouraged to uncover the secrets of this concealed location.

Upon entry, the environment suggests a tangible interpretation of a bygone era, using reflective surfaces, sleek bi-tonal timber paneling, marble, and geometric tile patterns to craft a sense of decadent, indulgent nostalgia. However, it’s important to note that despite its physical presence, the theme emphasizes that this is not a literal re-creation but an evocative illusion.

Fugazzi basement bar / studio gram
Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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