Gardeners’ Pavilion Club Hípico de Santiago / Valdivieso Arquitectos

Architects: Valdivieso Arquitectos
Area: 60 m²
Year: 2021
Photography: Estudio Ibañez
Manufacturers: Arauco, Cerámicas Santiago, Cubiertas Nacionales
Lead Architect: José Ignacio Valdivieso Tagle
Collaborators: Pedro Del Río, Ignacio Rojas
Builder: Mauricio Bravo / Constructora KBT
Structural Calculation: Gonzalo Concha
City: Santiago
Country: Chile

Club Hípico de Santiago, known for its 1,200-meter-long grass track and significant architectural legacy, embarked on a project led by Valdivieso Arquitectos to create a functional lunchroom for their track maintenance team. Amidst economic constraints intensified by the pandemic, the design team opted for a resourceful approach, leveraging locally produced brick for its durability and cost-effectiveness. The project aimed to provide a shaded retreat mimicking the cool, dappled light of a vine canopy, with structures that blend harmoniously into the existing environment and promote natural light ventilation, enhancing the comfort of the gardeners during their rest periods.

Gardeners' pavilion club hípico de santiago / valdivieso arquitectos

Club Hípico de Santiago commissioned Valdivieso Arquitectos to design a lunchroom for the racetrack’s gardeners, who spend their days exposed to the elements. The design was driven by budgetary constraints and the necessity to provide a pleasant resting area for the workers. Previously, these workers took their breaks under a vine, a natural feature that inspired the project’s design ethos.

Utilizing brick, an economical and locally available material, the architects devised a “monolithic” structure that effectively created a cool, shaded space that filters sunlight through its lattice brickwork, akin to the dappled light beneath a vine. The structure’s simplicity is underscored by its rectangular floor plan and the use of a single primary material, which allowed for a reduction in construction complexity and cost.

The layout features a small base with concrete benches inside, supporting a modest brick pavilion. The east and west façades comprise opposing lattice brick walls, while the north and south ends are enclosed with opaque barriers. A system of wooden beams supports the roof above, with the ground plane finished in brick to match the wall modules. The design incorporates two wide pivoting doors that facilitate access and ventilation, enhancing the natural light effects created by the lattice walls.

This project stands as a testament to the innovative use of traditional materials and techniques to achieve modern solutions, especially in contexts constrained by economic challenges. The space not only serves its practical function but also elevates the daily experience of the Club Hípico de Santiago’s maintenance staff.

Gardeners' pavilion club hípico de santiago / valdivieso arquitectos
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Address: Club Hípico 1001, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

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