Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater / CCTN Design

Architects: CCTN Design
Area: 44142 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Pei Wen
Manufacturers: Nippon Paint, Osram, Zhejiang Baoye curtain wall decoration Co. Ltd, Zhejiang Jiuxiang Glass Co. Ltd
Lead Architects: Youfen Wang
Architectural Design: Yanzhou Yan, Yanxin Zhou, Lihua Jiang, Xianghua Liu, Xiaoyi Luo, Ming Sun, Zhenqiang Gu, Zhenyi Zhu, Difeng Zhu, Ziyu Song, Shenglin Ji, Jiarong Li
Structural Design: Weiming Jin, Jun Lu, Xuchen Yang, Huilang Sun, Jianle Wu
HVAC Design: Jun Pan, Ruibin Wang, Peifeng He, Zhuxian Yao
Electrical Design: Pengzhan Li, Xiao Wang
Water Supply and Drainage Design: Yingchun Yang
Weak Current Intelligent Design: Qun Ye, Peng Zhu
Landscape Design: Hangzhou Aolan Architectural Landscape Design Co., LTD
Facade Design: Hanjia Design Group Co., LTD
Interior Design: Zhejiang Dafeng Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD
Stage Machinery: Zhejiang Dafeng Stage Design Company
Floodlight Lighting: Shanghai Meso Lighting Co., LTD
EPC Unit: Hebei Construction Group Co., LTD
Clients: Hangzhou Heda Investment Group Co., Ltd.
City: Hangzhou
Country: China

Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater, designed by CCTN Design in Hangzhou’s Qiantang District, enhances the cultural landscape with its strategic location near Golden Sands Lake Park. The theater covers an area of 31,889 square meters and features a 1,400-seat theater, a 500-seat multipurpose hall, and a shared lobby with scenic views. Its flexible, perforated facade integrates with the urban and natural surroundings, offering vibrant public spaces and 24-hour commercial functions. The design ensures continuous activity, enriching the city’s landscape and providing a dynamic cultural venue.

Golden sands lake grand theater / cctn design

The Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater, designed as a city stage by Golden Sands Lake, is situated on the northern shore of Golden Sands Lake Park in Qiantang District, Hangzhou. It is strategically located adjacent to a subway station, a bustling commercial street, and the Civic Center, benefiting from an excellent geographical location and scenic resources. The project covers an area of 31,889 square meters and has a total building area of 44,141.9 square meters, making it the core cultural building of the entire Golden Sands Lake area.

The creation of open and dynamic spaces is central to the design of the Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater. The theater includes a 1,400-seat main theater and a 500-seat multipurpose hall, both connected by a shared lobby. This lobby integrates the entrance foyer, lounge, and exhibition hall, extending horizontally from the entrance platform to the lakeside, offering flowing, bright spaces with beautiful views of the southern lake. To harmonize with the urban interface on the north side and the landscape interface on the south side, the grand theater features a flexible and undulating form that interacts with both the city and Golden Sands Lake. Its perforated surface, which radiates a vibrant artistic atmosphere, defines the waterfront space facing Golden Sands Lake and the front plaza along Golden Sands Avenue.

The front plaza and waterfront space are linked by an elevated landscaped corridor. Open platforms, galleries, and slopes wind through and around the ethereal structure, seamlessly merging with the plaza and lakeside. This design captivates visitors and enhances the sense of place and vibrancy in the Golden Sands Lake area.

A multifunctional program: Beyond the theater’s performance spaces, the second, third, and fourth floors in the logistical area feature training classrooms that can be independently accessed by the public. Furthermore, the ground-level elevated walkway and lakeside area are designated for commercial activities, offering 24-hour services to the local community.

The theater’s performing spaces are complemented by incorporating these diverse, round-the-clock functions, transforming the Grand Theater into a vibrant 24-hour hub. This approach generates additional revenue for the theater and provides a service space for the city, seamlessly integrating the building into the urban fabric. It becomes a place of public and everyday significance, enriching the city’s landscape.

An alluring architectural exterior: The perforated facade of the Golden Sands Lake Grand Theater is made up of over 5,000 triangular elements of various sizes, creating a texture that blends solid and void. The theater features a free-spirited, flexible, and full-bodied form, elegantly situated by the shores of Golden Sands Lake. This perforated architectural skin forms a continuous open gray space between the exterior and interior functions, casting captivating light and shadow effects at different times. As people explore the theater, they can appreciate both the charm of the architectural space and the beauty of Golden Sands Lake. The design seamlessly integrates with urban life, making the theater a prime destination for waterfront activities and enjoying the lake’s scenic views.

Golden sands lake grand theater / cctn design
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Address: Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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