Golden Vale House / J Mammone Architecture

Architects: J Mammone Architecture
Area: 347 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Katherine Lu, Tom Ferguson
Lead Architect: Joseph Mammone
Builder: Glenstone Constructions
Town Planner: The Planning Hub
Interior Stylist: Adriana Interiors
Project Architect: Cassandra Nicomede
Architect: Alfred Arcuri
Engineer: Greenview Consulting
Joinery: Banksia Joinery
City: Megalong Valley
Country: Australia

Golden Vale House, designed by J Mammone Architecture in Megalong Valley, is a striking residence that harmonizes bold architectural expression with its natural surroundings. Completed in 2022, the house uses materials like rammed earth, concrete, charred timber, and glass to blend into the landscape while filtering golden light into its interiors. This project has significantly impacted the local community, transforming the site into a memorable landmark in the Blue Mountains.

Golden vale house / j mammone architecture

Megalong Valley, known for its immense escarpments, sandstone bluffs, and uninterrupted views of Blue Mountains bushland, offers a memorable journey with shifting light creating a unique experience each visit.

The architecture of Golden Vale House embodies a duality, being bold in design yet grounded by its materiality.

Constructed mainly of rammed earth, concrete, charred timber, and glass, the house’s darker tones allow it to blend seamlessly into the landscape, while large glass openings filter golden light into the interior spaces.

Golden Vale House leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter it. The project has transformed the site, the people, and the local community, becoming a notable point of reference in Megalong Valley.

Golden vale house / j mammone architecture
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Project Location

Address: 767 Megalong Road, Megalong Valley, New South Wales 2785, Australia

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