Insanely Cool Hanging Bed Ideas for a Soothing Sleep

Sleeping in a soft bed is the most comforting thing in the world after a day of hard work. What’s even better, is swinging yourself to sleep. It is like a cradle, but for adults, lulling you to sleep like a baby.

Hammocks are most people’s absolute favorites. Although they are good enough for a small nap, they are not as comfortable for a long sleep. You can now have the luxury of a bed and the slow swinging motion of a hammock in the comfort of your own house. All you need is a suspended, floating bed, also known as a !

Hanging Beds have fired up quite a trend in the recent interior décor market, and it’s not surprising at all! Well, for one, hanging beds are easy to install. You can purchase one from a furniture store, or get one custom-made. You can even design it yourself and build your own DIY Hanging Bed. Hanging Beds can also blend in seamlessly with any kind of décor theme, be it contemporary or classic! Set it up on your patio, balcony, or bedroom, and instantly transform your room’s aesthetic into something unique and charming.

Since hanging beds have been the talk of the town for months, there have been new innovative and inspirational designs popping up. So if you are planning to get a floating bed yourself, check out some of the coolest designs online in the following rows!

  1. Old Swinging Daybed

This old upcycled daybed can be a brilliant addition to your patio. All you need is an old wooden frame, perhaps wooden pallets, and a single mattress. Make sure your patio has an open joist or open rafter ceiling, for best suspension. Muted hues and organic colors like beige are easier on your eyes and match the wooden look of the patio.

It can be a very comfortable place to enjoy your coffee and read a book in solitude. Add some cushions to your daybed, and you can have your very own Swinging Daybed in your porch. Find the tutorial for a simple swinging daybed here:


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  1. Colored Swinging Daybed

While organic designs can make your swinging daybed look au naturel, colors can bring out the charming elements of your patio. Adding pretty colors to your swinging daybed with the help of prints and pop colors can complement the rustic look of your daybed.

The electric blue shown in the picture is coupled nicely with a thick sisal rope twined along the length of the chains. Painting the bed frame with a contrasting pastel shade of the same color can add depth to it. The bolsters and cushions with printed fabric make it look even more comfortable.

20 insanely cool hanging bed ideas for a soothing sleep

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  1. Pallet Board Bed Swing

Relaxing in your backyard on a sunny afternoon, swinging on a hammock under a tree seems surreal like a dream. But hammocks are too common a sight in backyards. Replace the idea of a hammock with an easy DIY Bed Swing made from old wooden pallet boards.

This Bed Swing looks like a nice place where kids and adults would like to get comfortable and enjoy a beverage while reading a book. The fresh neon green color of the cushions stands out against the lush green of the trees; quite attractive feat I must say. Try it out:


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  1. The Floating Bed

The Floating Bed is a simple yet brilliant engineering marvel brought to you for increased sleep benefits. The suspenders can hold up to 1000 lbs while providing gentle swinging for better health benefits and deeper sleep. The circular design allows maximum space and comfort for a maximum of two people.

The Floating Bed can be used for both indoor and outdoor siesta, and hence, is made durable and weatherproof. The memory foam mattress has adjustable firmness that provides better sleep on a flat surface. As a product that ensures a sound relaxing sleep, it has also proven to be most useful to kids and adults with special needs and disabilities.


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  1. Hanging Trampoline Bed

Do you have a trampoline just sitting in your backyard without getting any action? You can put it to use with one simple transformation: Turn it into a DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed! While most hanging beds put up for sale can cost around $5,000 easily, you can simply upcycle an old but sturdy trampoline into one that can be used by kids and adults.

The Trampoline Hanging Bed can look amazing in your backyard, especially around your tree house. Make sure to use a thick rope or a metal chain to hang your trampoline. Using brightly colored covers for the mattress can make your hanging bed look gorgeous.


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  1. Outdoor DIY Swinging Bed

Do you want to have a bed out in your garden that also gives you the comfort and privacy of a fully covered room? Then this DIY swing bed is for you. The maker of this bed has explained his method in detail.

You can see how he builds the swinging bed step by step, including the safety precautions you need to take in order to ensure there is no mishap during the construction. He even shows you how to get rid of pests and give your bed a nice sheen before you finish assembling it and decorating it.


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  1. Traditional Hanging Bed

Want to build a lovely swinging bed with minimal expenditure and something that looks more traditional too? This particular swinging bed is doubly and triply reinforced with a lot of rope and jute. That only ensures the bed is fastened in every possible manner before it is even hoisted.

The result is splendid, with steel, wood, and rope-net layering the bed under the mattress. You can also include a nifty study table on the bed and decorate it with some glass jar pots and some books. Relax in this awesomely sturdy swinging bed and drink away your lemonade on a hot summer day.

  1. Baby Crib Hanging Bed

Do you have a baby crib from when your little one was too small to have a big bed? Do you want to still make some use of it but don’t know what to do with it? You can now preserve your baby’s precious memories and share the goodness with the family by converting it into a porch swing. This how-to guide endearingly shows you step-by-step how to make a porch swing out of a baby crib. Isn’t that adorable?

Baby crib hanging bed

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  1. Colorful Porch Daybed

Ana White does a wonderful job of explaining the how-to process in detail with both textual references and images so that you can build your very own outdoor daybed in the porch in no time. It is a decent-sized bed with double mattresses and pillow borders for neck support and armrests.

With earthy colors, it is bound to go well with the surroundings. The yellow, the green, and the blue color shades match the summer mood just right. Just follow the instructions and at the end of the day take a long nap with the breeze rocking you to sleep.

Colorful porch daybed

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  1. Suspended Tree Bed

Hammocks can be very special if one loves to relax in the lap of nature under a canopy of trees. What if you could build a permanent fixture in the trees instead; somewhere you could take a peaceful afternoon nap in summer?

This outdoor hanging bed is actually a metal cot suspended against trees with strong ropes. A small ladder hangs from the foot of it to allow access. It is like a tree house and a hammock combined into one comfortable DIY Hanging Bed. The lamp alongside it just adds to the entire dreamy and romantic aesthetic that the bed gives off.

Suspended tree bed

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  1. Hanging Boat Bed

Thematic bedrooms have been taking the industry by the storm these days. The ease in replicating themes from hotel rooms has become easier, with the increase in upcycling interior projects and DIY ideas. This Hanging Boat Bed is one such nifty design that will surely inspire you.

You can decorate your beach house bedroom with a simple nautical theme around the Hanging Boat Bed as its central attraction. Using faint pastel blues for linens can add a matching charm to your beach bedroom. Kids will certainly love to have a Hanging Boat Bed in their room.

Hanging boat bed

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  1. Hanging Bunkbeds

Kids love climbing on bunk beds. You can now add a sense of extra adventure to their bunk beds by transforming them into Hanging Beds. The platform is made out of wood, so it will definitely guarantee sturdiness and durability.

The thick sisal ropes also help provide extra strength, along with the organic look of the entire décor. The wooden bed also has some extra space beside the mattress to keep books, lamps, or snacks. It just gives an amazing camping experience, doesn’t it?

Hanging bunkbeds

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  1. Space Saving Hanging Bed

The best thing about Hanging Beds is that with a little bit of innovation and inspiration, you can save up on both money and space! A hanging bed can prove most useful in single-room apartments, especially if there needs to be a space to accommodate a small study.

Students can definitely love this idea and find it quite useful in saving up the space in the room. The entire office fits in the small area beneath the bed. The metal rods and the elaborate frame used to suspend the bed make sure that the bed does not crash. It certainly is a very clever idea!

Space saving hanging bed

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  1. Rustic Hanging Bed

Hanging beds go really well with contemporary interior designs. Take this bed for instance. It follows a typical industrial décor theme to match the modern look of the room. The metallic chains and wooden bed frame give a rustic look to the bed.

The cushions with metallic luster go along with the theme. You could also use contrasting colors for your bed linen, highlighting the bed as an obvious centerpiece of your bedroom.


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  1. Swinging Hammock Bed

Attic bedrooms can be very tricky to design, yet one could experiment with all sorts of interior décors in such rooms. The attic bedrooms could also be made more attractive by incorporating a swinging or hanging bed. Like this one shown in the picture.

The Swinging Hammock is large and comfortable enough to be a bed, easily accommodating a couple. The splayed metal chains will keep the bed suspended properly without any accident. The simplistic look of the hammock goes really well with the modern décor of the room.


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  1. Twin Hanging Beds

Hanging beds in kids’ rooms can be a brilliant idea considering the fact that the novelty of levitating beds always attracts children. It can also be convenient to clean while having no chance of losing toys and game pieces around tricky furniture.

This kiddie room has twin beds just like any other kiddie room. The only difference is that these beds are hanging from the ceilings with the help of a strong cable wire. The cable wire seems almost invisible as it matches the background of the room, creating the illusion of levitating beds.


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  1. Minimalist Beach Bed

Minimalist design themes have proven to be very relaxing for bedrooms. Many young people who wish to redesign their own rooms go for minimalist and monochrome palettes for design. The hanging bed in this bedroom follows the similar low-key premise.

The bed frame is constructed out of old wooden logs, like a raft. Since the wood is not very heavy, the rope used is also thin. The monochrome white furnishing gives one the illusion of sleeping on the beach in solitude.

Cool hanging bed

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  1. King-sized Levitating Bed

How about getting a king-sized bed to levitate for you while you sleep? Take a look at this huge hanging bed! The rustic charm of this bed might make one feel as if they are sleeping in a medieval castle. The wooden bed frame, the oxidized iron chains with delicate designs, and the color scheme of the linen make the entire bed look elegant and majestic at the same time.


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  1. Hanging Wooden Bed

Hanging beds have a lot of scope for new designs and ideas. Like this version of hanging bed designed by Cathleen Gouveia. The design has created the bed to match the rustic charm of the entire room. To make it look organic and natural, wood and thick ropes have been used. I especially love the ropes used to suspend the bed. They look pretty against the rustic nature of the furniture used, and they also provide excess strength against the weight.


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  1. Swinging Nest Bed

This hanging bed was inspired by nests, and it surely has the aesthetics that mimic them. It has a high ceiling for inner ventilation and is filled with a soft mattress and a number of pillows for extra comfort. Sturdy and perfectly placed at the center of the room, it can be yours to rest in.

Rattan and jute are the materials you need to go for to make this wicker swing bed. Even though it looks difficult to make, a bit of planning and looking at similar blueprints will help you make it on your own.

An exuberant way to liven up your living room

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How did you like the idea of a porch daybed or a hanging bed in your bedroom? Seems interesting and tempting, doesn’t it? Well, don’t let your dream floating bed just be a subject of your dreams. You can definitely get one today, or design one for yourself.

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