Hazamacho House / Tatsuya Kawamoto + Associates

Architects: Tatsuya Kawamoto + Associates
Area: 2,077 Square Feet (193 Square Meter)
Year: 2022
Photographs: Takashi Uemura
Contractors: Hakoya co.,ltd.
Landscape Consultants: NISHIMURAKOGEI
Structural Engineers: Enshu Structural Consultants
Prefecture: Aichi
Country: Japan

Exploring the architectural integration of the Hazamacho House designed by Tatsuya Kawamoto + Associates, this project epitomizes the fusion of functionality and environmental harmony. Constructed in a naturally abundant setting with minimal existing urban infrastructure, the design leverages local regulations to foster agricultural productivity and reduce urban sprawl. Through strategic use of space and innovative structural elements, the house serves dual purposes: facilitating agricultural activities and providing a livable space, ultimately aiming to become a permanent fixture in the landscape that supports local farming communities.

Hazamacho house / tatsuya kawamoto + associates

In areas under urbanization control, constructing buildings for local farmers is seen as a way to counteract disorderly urban development. The Hazamacho House, a single-story structure, was not intended primarily as a residence but as a framework to support farmers, situated amidst extensive agricultural land.

The site for the Hazamacho House boasts a rich natural landscape, marked by mountains and a river. Despite a required building rate of over 40% according to city regulations, the client preferred a smaller construction. To address this within a constrained budget and still meet urban development goals, a large yet cost-effective building was conceptualized.

The architectural design includes a sprawling roof extending in various directions, with essential structural walls centrally located to allow maximum perimeter freedom. This configuration facilitates easy access from adjacent fields and organizes the interior into functional areas for crop division, tool storage, and living activities such as reading or storing items. Over time, it is envisioned that the structure will primarily serve as agricultural storage.

Particularly notable is the roof design, which mirrors the surrounding mountain ridgelines. The eastern high eaves correspond to the mountainous backdrop, while the southern eaves are lowered to minimize summer solar heat, resulting in a gently curved hyperbolic paraboloid shape achieved with straight wooden beams and supported by iron diagonal rods.

This 300㎡ structure internalizes essential spaces for both agricultural and residential functions. The building’s design strategically uses the site’s agricultural potential by integrating crop cultivation areas with living spaces, using deep eaves to merge these functions seamlessly. The design anticipates that the building will evolve into a central agricultural hub for the community, helping to preserve farmland and mitigate urban sprawl.

Hazamacho house / tatsuya kawamoto + associates
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Address: Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

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