Hill House / Horomystudio

Architects: Horomystudio
Area: 284 m²
Year: 2021
Manufacturers: Axolight, Gessi, Baxter, Cielo, HAY, Schuco
Products used in this Project: Bathroom Accessories – Rettangolo, Pendant Lights – Alysoid
City: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia

Hillside House, a residential project designed by Horomystudio in St. Petersburg, Russia, reflects a deep integration with its natural surroundings. Completed in 2021, the house employs materials such as local gabbro-diabase and natural oak to align with sustainability goals and regional architectural traditions. The structure is thoughtfully placed on the terrain, with its lower level merging into the hill while the upper level offers expansive views of the adjacent forest and creek. This approach demonstrates Horomystudio’s commitment to respecting both the natural landscape and the cultural context, utilizing a mix of modern architectural techniques and traditional elements.

Hill house / horomystudio

The natural topography of the hill influenced the architectural design of the house, making the lower floor appear as an extension of the hill itself, encompassing a garage, storage, and utility rooms.

All the primary living spaces are situated on the second floor, offering the best views of the adjacent forest and creek.

The house employs local natural materials, with the exterior featuring a unique black stone from the Karelia region known as gabbro-diabase, and natural oak for the interior finishes. Additional rustic details include delicate sliding shutters on the windows, featuring traditional Russian saw-cut carving, which aligns with the historic and cultural traditions of the area.

Hill house / horomystudio
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Address: St. Petersburg, Russia

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