Hotel Am Holand / firm Architekten

Architects: firm Architekten
Area: 1150 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Adolf Bereuter
Lead Architects: Christian Feldkircher
Program / Use / Building Function: Hotel
City: Au
Country: Austria

The Am Holand hotel complex, a renovation of a 200-year-old Maisäß, is strategically positioned on a south-facing slope above the village of Au, Austria. The site includes two gable-roofed buildings connected by a central structure. The transformation, executed in three phases from 2018 to 2023, has enhanced the guest experience by opening up spaces to maximize views and connectivity to the stunning natural surroundings. This redevelopment has introduced a wellness area, a dynamic restaurant space, and intimate guest suites, contributing significantly to the local tourism infrastructure.

Hotel am holand / firm architekten

In the first phase, the existing western building, a wooden structure over 200 years old, along with the central and eastern buildings, were refurbished to create expansive, visually connected rooms.

The addition of a wellness facility and an outdoor pool on the first floor, along with a relaxation room in the connecting building, marked the initial enhancements. By 2021, the development welcomed guests to a new lobby in the connecting building. Here, the “Trustbar” offers an evening retreat with a fireplace and panoramic views of the mountains, enhancing the hospitality experience.

Hotel am holand / firm architekten

The heart of the hotel, the open kitchen, situates between the lobby and dining rooms, allowing the owner, who is also the head chef, to interact closely with guests.

Hotel am holand / firm architekten

The dining area, refreshed and expanded with two additional rooms, transitions from a breakfast buffet to an afternoon cake buffet and, later, a bar or chef’s table by evening. The suites in the existing building boast innovative layouts with standalone showers or bathtubs positioned to offer views of the sky, further elevating the guest experience.

Hotel am holand / firm architekten

In 2023, the renovation culminated with the refurbishment of the remaining 11 rooms in the eastern building, each now featuring its own outdoor space. Top-floor suites now enjoy exclusive access to roof terraces. Emphasizing local craftsmanship and materials, the interiors feature brushed wood finishes and custom furniture, creating a coherent aesthetic that resonates with the architectural vision. The design emphasizes the use of local wood and regional craftsmanship, ensuring sustainability and support for the local community.

Walls and ceilings consist of brushed fir or beech wood, while those in the eastern part of the building utilize lime plaster. The floors of the rooms feature soaped, rough-sawn beech. In contrast, the beech furniture within these rooms highlights the light wooden surfaces. The lighting design emphasizes the architectural concepts, presenting a modest hotel with refined details.

Hotel am holand / firm architekten
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Address: Holand 24, 6883 Au, Austria

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