Hotspot Sauna / Oslo Works

Architects: Oslo Works
Lead Architects: Francis Brekke, Adam John Williams, Elin Schnipper, Janancija Arulanantham
Area: 16 m²
Year: 2024
Photography: Marte Garmann
Program/Use/Building Function: Communal Sauna
Municipality: Nesodden
Country: Norway

Oslo Works unveiled a communal sauna on Norway’s Nesodden peninsula, epitomizing the synthesis of ecological architecture and social functionality. The Hotspot Sauna project extends the region’s burgeoning sauna community culture, emphasizing sustainable construction and communal enjoyment. The design features massive wood modules and burnt ore pine shingles to minimize environmental impact and maintenance. Strategic design elements, like the panoramic city views and wood-fired oven, enrich the communal experience, bolstering the cultural fabric of local and visiting sauna enthusiasts.

Hotspot sauna / oslo works, community sauna by the oslofjord

The communal sauna designed by Oslo Works pioneers a novel concept for recreational architecture with a dual focus on warmth and communal interaction and was finalized in 2024. This initiative aligns with the growing trend in Scandinavia, where sauna community culture is flourishing. Residents of the Nesodden peninsula, accessible via a short ferry from Oslo, are expanding their collection of communal saunas, emphasizing eco-friendly designs and social interaction, complete with stunning views.

Constructing a sauna involves basic necessities: sufficient insulation for efficient heating, proximity to cooling water or snow, and a heating element. Beyond these essentials, creativity and regulatory compliance shape the construction. Oslo Works has responded with a design that minimizes both ecological impact and visual obtrusiveness. The sauna is composed of large wooden modules, easily transported and assembled on the challenging terrain beside the sea, and is externally finished with specially treated pine shingles.

The sauna is divided into functional areas by an open passageway leading to the sea and a bathing ladder. One side houses two small changing rooms and storage space, while the other contains a heated room equipped with a wood-fired stove and a curved wall designed to foster social interaction. A large window offers expansive views of the Oslo skyline, integrating the natural environment with the built structure.

The design, referred to as “Hotspot,” serves as a modular base that can be expanded with various add-ons like a diving board, shower, roof terrace, or solar panels, making it adaptable to different settings and enhancing its sustainability. The flexible design allows for the connection of multiple units, catering to the needs of a growing community. This project supports the social and leisure activities of the local community and sets a precedent for sustainable recreational architecture in cold climates.

Hotspot sauna / oslo works, community sauna by the oslofjord
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Project Location

Address: Hellvikalleen 60, 1450 Nesoddtangen, Norway

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