House F / Bogenfeld Architektur

Architects: Bogenfeld Architektur
Area: 122 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Violetta Wakolbinger
Manufacturers: Bauder Ges.m.b.H, Böhler Fenster, Freistil Werkstatt für Gestaltung, Fussböden Pammer, Harald Seyr, P2 Elektrotechnik OG, Palisa Bauelemente, Stern & Hafferl Baugesellschaft m.b.H., Tischlerei Berhard Hitl
Structural Planning: GSB Gesmbh
Competition Planning, Design Planning: Arch. Di Birgit Kornmüller, Arch. Di Gerald Zehetner
Detail Planning: Arch. Debby Haepers, M. Arch. Andrea Hilmbauer-Hofmacher
Building Physics: Ing. Wolfgang Kögelberger
Program / Use / Building Function: Single-family house
House Technic Design Consultant: M-TEC Energie.Innovativ GmbH
Country: Austria

In 1927, Kurt Tucholsky humorously expressed a desire for a rural retreat juxtaposed with urban convenience in his poem “Ideal and Reality.” Echoing this sentiment, Bogenfeld Architektur’s recent project showcases a residence not by the sea, but with a similarly picturesque setting. The house stands on a constrained plot, cleverly designed to maximize garden space and views. The ground floor is inward-focused towards the garden, while the first-floor pivots to frame stunning views of the lake and mountains. This home combines rural chic with minimalistic interiors, characterized by simple wood, concrete, and thin steel structures that enhance its airy ambiance. Although not adjacent to the big city, the home captures the essence of having a peaceful retreat with the natural beauty of the Attersee and surrounding mountains as its backdrop.

House f / bogenfeld architektur

Kurt Tucholsky’s words in “Ideal and Reality” humorously encapsulate the longing for a picturesque dwelling amidst nature while staying connected to urban conveniences. Although this house isn’t situated by the Baltic Sea as in Tucholsky’s poem, its setting near a lake with sailboats and mountain views presents a different, yet equally compelling, pastoral dream. The house’s design emphasizes simplicity and transparency, creating a light-filled atmosphere where life feels uninterrupted by the boundaries typically imposed by traditional architecture.

Inside, the house adopts a minimalistic approach with plain wood, concrete finishes, and slim steel columns, fostering an atmosphere of refined simplicity. The open design ensures views of the lush garden on the ground floor and the serene lake from the first floor, fulfilling the dual aspects of privacy and openness.

Externally, the home responds to its environmental context with a straightforward wooden construction and a black-lacquered facade that harmonizes with the aesthetic of local boathouses. The house’s narrow, elongated form optimizes the limited area available, maximizing the internal living space while preserving the garden’s expansiveness. The strategic orientation and thoughtful design allow for a living experience that emphasizes connection with the natural surroundings while adhering to the locality’s architectural vernacular.

The design by Bogenfeld Architektur deftly navigates the constraints of a small plot and local aesthetics, crafting a space that offers both a retreat and a viewpoint, perfectly embodying Tucholsky’s notion that while having it all is rare, one can come appreciably close through thoughtful architecture.

House f / bogenfeld architektur
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Address: Austria

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