House in Gávea / gru.a

Architects: gru.a
Area: 350 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Rafael Salim, Pedro Kok
Lead Architects: Pedro Varella, Caio Calafate, André Cavendish
Structural Engineering: Marcio Pompei
Lighting Design: Diana Joels
Landscape Design: Wabi-Sabi Atelier
Construction: CMN Engenharia
Project Team: André Cavendish, Antonio Machado
Program: Residence
City: Gávea
Country: Brazil

House in Gávea, designed by gru.a in Rio de Janeiro, leverages its plateau location next to the Atlantic forest to create a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. The project utilizes cyclopean concrete walls to define living areas and incorporates sleek metallic profiles and concrete slabs for shadow play, enhanced by local vegetation.

House in gávea / gru. A

This project is set on a plateau next to a stretch of Atlantic forest in Rio de Janeiro. The small social space is characterized by cyclopean concrete walls that define and organize the living areas.

The project addresses the need for a space dedicated to cooking and dining, a small living room, and an outdoor square.

The use of cyclopean concrete was inspired by its prevalent use in Rio de Janeiro, particularly in areas where urban paths cut through the Tijuca forest.

Sleek metallic profiles connect the walls and support concrete slabs that cast shadows in the space, enhanced by the surrounding vegetation.

House in gávea / gru. A
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Project Location

Address: Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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