House in Kawachinagano / arbol

Architects: arbol
Area: 65.43 m²
Year: 2019
Photography: Yasunori Shimomura
Lighting Design: Masayuki Takahashi Design Studio, Modulex Co., Ltd.
Landscape: Ogino Toshiya Landscape Design
Consultants: Soken Co., Ltd.
Structure Design: Senior Registered Architect Office Steradian
Financial Advice: House Bridge Co., Ltd.
City: Osaka
Country: Japan

House in Kawachinagano, designed by arbol in Osaka, Japan, is a one-story residence that integrates the beauty of the client’s furniture collection with the natural surroundings. Completed in 2019, this home offers a tranquil living space close to the Amami River.

House in kawachinagano / arbol

The design of this one-story house started with a conversation with the client, who has a passion for furniture and desired a space where their collection could be showcased beautifully and change with time. Located in the quiet residential area of Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, near the Amami River and Kisen Mountain, the site offers a peaceful setting away from the main road.

The plan considered both the beauty of the furniture and the site’s proximity to the river. The façade is closed to ensure privacy from the road, while the interior spaces are arranged to naturally orient towards the river. The client’s request for a space where the furniture could be admired by visitors on holidays led to a horizontal layout along the river, doubling as a gallery.

Upon entering, the house features a living room and dining room where the furniture is set, followed by a wood deck and garden. Towards the back are utility spaces like the kitchen, storage, and bedroom. The river is not directly visible from inside, but its presence is felt through the breeze and sounds, with views of greenery and the sky enhancing the connection to nature. The elevated wood deck allows views of the river surface, creating a gathering space for family and friends.

The house is a one-story structure, with minimal requirements to achieve a balanced and simple design, avoiding the use of maximum building coverage. This careful design creates a space where the furniture is highlighted by soft, calming light, changing with the seasons and time. The subtle integration of the river’s presence into daily life enriches the living experience, harmonizing with the client’s cherished furniture.

By embracing the river’s subtle cues and the changing light, the house provides a serene and enriching environment, creating a harmonious blend of interior and natural elements.

Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: Kawachinagano, Osaka, Japan

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