House in Umanose / Buttondesign

Architects: Buttondesign
Area: 65 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Keisuke Ishii
Lead Architects: Kohei Kikuta, Yuzuru Murakami
Contractors: Yamashita Construction, Kazushige Yamashita
Structure Engineer: Kotaro Maruyama
City: Nishitokyo
Country: Japan

House in Umanose is residence in Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo designed by Buttondesign as a multi-functional space: an atelier for a creative couple and a family home. Positioned near a naturally rich promenade, the house leverages large windows and open spaces to merge the external greenery with its internal living areas. The design incorporates cost-effective materials and large, scenic windows to create a cabin-like atmosphere, providing both practicality and comfort. The structure, highlighted by visible wooden beams and a sloping roof, echoes the essence of a secure and warm mountain lodge.

House in umanose / buttondesign

This house is situated in Nishi-Tokyo City, Tokyo, near a promenade resembling a horse’s back. It serves as both an atelier for a creative couple and a residence for their family of four.

House in umanose / buttondesign

The ground floor includes the atelier, which doubles as the entrance, alongside water facilities and closets, all arranged to welcome visitors efficiently. The children can easily see when they arrive home, and the space accommodates evening homework sessions, fostering family interaction. The entryway and studio are designed as open areas with large windows, enhancing the visibility of the lush greenery at ground level.

The upper floor houses the living room, dining area, kitchen, children’s room, and bedrooms. Here, privacy is prioritized, and sightlines are carefully managed. A large bay window in the dining area frames views of the natural landscape, integrating it into the home’s daily rhythm. The visible wooden beams of the sloping roof, reminiscent of a mountain lodge, add warmth and convey a sense of security, emphasizing the home’s protective nature.

To minimize costs and eschew conventional design, veneer and fabric are uniquely combined, creating an engaging rhythm within the interior. The extensive use of space and large windows that capture exterior views lend a cabin-like feel to the house, offering a sense of expansiveness not solely defined by square footage but by overall comfort.

House in umanose / buttondesign
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Address: Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan

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