House MJ156 / Navello Klotzman Arquitectas

Architects: Navello Klotzman arquitectas
Area: 255 m²
Year: 2018
Photography: Gustavo Frittegotto
Lead Architects: Sofía Navello, Ana Lina Klotzman
Collaborators: Agustina Coulleri, Hipólito Baccifava, Bruno Turri
Execution: Parmigiani-Valenti
Structural Calculation: Gonzalo Garibay + Asociados
Landscaping: Analía Capdevila
City: Funes
Country: Argentina

House MJ156, designed by Navello Klotzman Arquitectas, occupies a pivotal corner lot within a private estate in Funes, Argentina. This 2018 project explores architectural boundaries through its thoughtful response to the elongated north-south orientation of the site. The architects strategically utilized the site’s proportions and regulatory setbacks to craft a design that not only respects but enhances the landscape’s visual and spatial dimensions. The use of brick as a singular material throughout the exterior encapsulates a unified yet textured aesthetic, aging gracefully while providing privacy and framing stunning views. This residence stands as a testament to the minimal yet impactful design, fostering a deep connection between indoor spaces and the expansive green surroundings.

House mj156 / navello klotzman arquitectas

House MJ156 is strategically situated on a corner lot within a private suburban estate, presenting a challenge and an opportunity for architectural reflection and innovation.

The property is characterized by an elongated shape in a north-south direction, enhancing the sense of distance and remoteness within its suburban context. This observation became a key determinant in maintaining the expansive quality of the landscape in the project’s design.

The architecture extends along the lot’s length, delineating the boundary between the street and the internal patio while addressing the west orientation.

House mj156 / navello klotzman arquitectas

The house’s architectural expression evolves from sculpting a larger imagined volume and integrating smaller, balanced volumes. The consistent use of brick across all external surfaces—walls, floors, and ceilings—strengthens this concept, offering uniformity, texture, and durability, which are beneficial for managing the west orientation and ensuring privacy.

House mj156 / navello klotzman arquitectas

As one approaches the property’s corner, the structure becomes more transparent, creating a void that accentuates this aspect of the design.

This residence is designed to be experienced on foot, from both the street and within the property, maintaining its original dimensions and maximizing green space visibility, crucial for the site selection.

Internally, the house offers a linear yet multifaceted perspective, allowing occupants to engage with the environment through strategic openings and design elements that focus on the landscape’s depth and detail.

The house also integrates urban elements subtly, such as the main entrance through a semi-public courtyard and a service entrance that recalls a porch, contributing to its minimal yet significant urban presence.

House mj156 / navello klotzman arquitectas

House MJ156 exemplifies simplicity and intentionality in design, underscoring the landscape’s significance through architectural decisions that promote a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

House mj156 / navello klotzman arquitectas
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Address: Funes, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

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