House of Light at the Edge / Atsuhiro Nakata

Architects: Atsuhiro Nakata
Area: 65 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Akira Ito
Lead Architect: Atsuhiro Nakata
Builders: Amasaki Corpolatiom
City: Osaka
Country: Japan

The renovation of a condominium with a distinct slanted roof and reinforced concrete hanging walls by Atsuhiro Nakata located in Osaka, showcases an innovative use of space and lighting that enhances the home’s original framework. Designed for a private residence, this project integrates indirect lighting and a strategic floor plan to cater to the family’s lifestyle, providing a cohesive living environment where functional spaces maintain a gentle separation.

House of light at the edge / atsuhiro nakata

Indirect lighting gracefully outlines the entire house, accentuating its distinctive existing frame. This renovation project transforms a second-hand condominium, noted for its slanted roof and reinforced concrete hanging walls, into a space tailored to the needs of its inhabitants.

While preserving the unique characteristics of the original structure, such as aligning the ceiling with the roof’s contours and reinforcing concrete hanging walls, the design achieves harmony by selecting materials that complement the interior’s color scheme. Indirect lighting wraps around the house’s exterior, casting a soft glow through the angled ceiling and seamlessly linking various areas.

House of light at the edge / atsuhiro nakata

The original compartmentalized floor plan was reconfigured to accommodate a spacious living and dining area on the south side, fostering family gatherings. Private zones like bedrooms and a study were designed to offer seclusion without severing the visual connection to the communal spaces, ensuring privacy while maintaining an open feel.

House of light at the edge / atsuhiro nakata
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Address: Osaka, Japan

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