How To Decorate Hallway?

Vinyl flooring can be used in hallways to provide a similar appearance to wooden flooring, while storage solutions like open wardrobes add functionality with style. A seating area with space-saving furniture can also be incorporated, while light-enhancing paint can help brighten the area.

When it comes to interior decor, the hallway requires a great deal of attention since it is the first space visitors see.

But compared to other rooms of the house, decorating the hallway can be a bit challenging for many people. This is because the decor has to be impactful yet functional without being overwhelming. 

That’s where this guide, with its amazing hallway ideas, can help you out. So, check it out now!  

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Best hallway decoration ideas

1. Using Vinyl For Adding Elegance To Hallway Flooring

Using vinyl for adding elegance to hallway flooring

Via Carpetright

Wooden flooring is stylish and looks great in almost any type of home, but not everyone can afford it. Also, depending on the type of wood, the floor can be affected by factors like moisture and heat. However, there is a way by which you can get the look of a wooden floor without the downsides.

Vinyl floors can be the perfect cost-effective solution for those who want to give their hallway a classic and timeless appearance. Additionally, such flooring can easily withstand a huge amount of traffic and can last for a considerable period.

2. Utilizing Modern Storage Solutions For A Clean Appearance 

Utilizing modern storage solutions for a clean appearance

Via Dunelm

A tidy and clean hallway automatically tends to be more attractive, even if you do not put in extra effort for that purpose. And one of the most effective hallway ideas that can help you keep it clean is to use modern storage systems.

You can invest in storage solutions like a clothes rail with shelves or an open wardrobe to neatly store your bags, shoes, and coats. This will offer the perfect blend of functionality and form and add to the style of the hallway. 

3. Incorporating Space-Saving Seating Options

Incorporating space-saving seating options

Via 1930s Semi-Charmed Life

Another example of how you can bring form and functionality together is by creating a proper seating space in the hallway. A low-profile seating arrangement will not take up much space and can even be incorporated into a narrow hallway. And it can provide a comfortable spot for taking off your shoes when first entering the house.

To make the space even more pleasing, you can select a couch or other seating option that blends with the color of the walls of the hallway. This will also help prevent the space from appearing too busy or cluttered. 

4. Using Light-Enhancing Paint To Brighten The Space

Using light-enhancing paint to brighten the space

Via Crown

Hallways, especially narrow ones, can appear confined and dark, which does not provide a welcoming atmosphere to the person entering the house. But with the right type of paint, it can be very easy to fix this problem and make the hallway appear larger and brighter.

You can use pale colors to paint the hallway walls since these work best to reflect the available light. For instance, white walls are great if you want to make the hallway space larger than it actually is while also lighting it up. Or paint specific areas in squares or checks to get the same effect without painting the entire wall.

When going for white walls, I recommend painting any woodwork in shades of gray, which will help provide them with a definition. Or you can use matt emulsion and then apply metallic paint over it to add reflection and shine, helping make the space appear livelier.

5. Creating The Illusion Of Space With Mirrors

Creating the illusion of space with mirrors

Via Margaret Wright

Using light-colored paint is just one of the ways by which you can create an illusion of a larger space in your hallway. Another way is to use mirrors, which provide a reflective surface and can be used in a small space to make it look more spacious. 

This is one of those hallway decor ideas that can even be used if the hallway is poorly lit. The reason is that the mirror can reflect even the smallest amount of available light and help brighten the space while also making it seem bigger. 

You do not need to use a large mirror, as even a small one is generally sufficient to provide the desired results. Just place the mirror at one end of the hallway where it does not get in the way but can make a stylish statement. 

6. Adding Style To Your Hallway With Hallway Runners

Adding style to your hallway with hallway runners

Via Kersaint Cobb

Using hallway runners can help create a powerful impact by making the space look highly appealing while also adding to its durability. You can use a runner in the corridor or a staircase runner, and both can help make the hallway appear longer. 

One of the best materials for hallway runners is sisal, a plant fiber that is incredibly sturdy and does not require much maintenance. Runners made from this material also do not stain easily, which keeps them looking good for a long time and helps add natural textures to stairways and entrances. 

You can use runners either as a standalone feature or used with rods as standard carpets. Additionally, the right runner can act as a focal point and will allow you to try out different patterns while retaining the overall appearance of the area. Selecting the most appropriate option is also crucial since it will be the first thing visitors will see when entering the house.

7. Creating A Suitable Atmosphere Using Various Light Sources

Creating a suitable atmosphere using various light sources

Via Original BTC

Taking inspiration from your living room decor, you can install various light sources in the hallway and at different heights. For instance, using a chandelier or a pendant can serve practical purposes by creating a warm and welcoming space while also helping make a bold statement. 

I find dimmable options to be better for lights that will be situated at a lower level since they can help create softer ambient lighting. 

8. Using Shiplap For A Modern Touch

Using shiplap for a modern touch

Via Melanie Rieders

Shiplap is commonly used as exterior siding to construct outbuildings, sheds, and barns. It is an excellent material that can add a touch of modernity to your hallway, but that’s not all. Shiplap is an incredibly sturdy material and can add extra durability to the wall space where it is installed. 

With shiplap, it is possible to let the hallway appear as an extension of the building, and it can help even your small hallway feel and look great. 

9. Creating A Gallery Wall Using Art Pieces

Creating a gallery wall using art pieces

Via Kathryn Hayden Photography

Creating a gallery wall using photographs and paintings is among the most popular hallway decor ideas that you can use. With the help of this idea, you can turn even the most boring-looking space into an extremely exciting one. 

You can put up art pieces on the walls of your hallway, and these pieces can provide inspiration to all visitors. Moreover, almost any type of art can be used to decorate the walls.

10. Using A Console To Create Storage

Using a console to create storage

Via Lula Poggi

Many people think it is impossible to fit furniture in a narrow hallway. But by selecting the right type of furniture and using the right methods, it is possible to create a fantastic entryway. One example of this is to place a small table where you drop off items like keys when entering the house. 

A console table is well suited for this purpose since it can provide some additional storage and act as a statement piece.

11. Adding Accessories 

Adding accessories

Via Kate Keesee

It is very easy to create an interesting space by including some accessories, such as bags and hats, in your hallway. These can be obtained from the closet and can help add texture to plain walls. Moreover, since these accessories will be hanging in the entryway, you are less likely to go out without them. 

12. Creating A Photo Wall

Creating a photo wall

Via Allison Babcock; Photo Keith Scott-Morton

This hallway decor idea is very similar to creating a gallery wall and turns the blank wall of the hallway into something more exciting. You can use family photos to depict a family tree, which can help grab attention just as effectively as wall art. 

The photo frames can be selected to match the color of the wall, or different colored ones can be used to create contrast for a more contemporary look. However, pulling off this technique to create an impressive space can be tricky if you have many photographs that take up a lot of wall space. 

In such cases, I suggest using a similar frame for the pictures but with varying sizes, and you can even opt for black and white photos. This helps fill the space nicely and gives the hallway a clean and tidy appearance. 

13. Keeping A Clear Console

Keeping a clear console

Via Minette Hand

I mentioned above how you can use a console as part of the hallway decor to turn a boring hallway into an interesting one. There is another way a console can be used for the same effect, but it prevents the hallway from feeling cluttered.

Instead of a regular console table, use a transparent one, such as an acrylic table with a thin profile. Due to its transparent surface, light can easily pass through, making the hallway feel more accessible and open. At the same time, it will still offer space where you can keep some items, like keys, when entering the house. 

And you can even place a storage basket underneath the table for extra storage. 

14. Adding Functionality By Utilizing Nooks

Adding functionality by utilizing nooks

Via Design: Allison Babcock; Photo: Matt Kisiday

If your house has a traditional hallway, the chances of it having a unique layout with one or more cubby holes and nooks are quite high. This unutilized space, which generally goes to waste, can be turned into something useful, such as a seating spot or a do-it-yourself bookshelf.

Depending on the type and size of the impractical space, you will require a certain level of creativity to make use of it. For instance, in the case of an extremely wide hallway, simply creating a gallery wall may not be enough. In such situations, you can add a window seat with storage cubbies and place a printed cushion on top. 

This will provide another comfortable seating spot while providing it with a wow factor. 

15. Improving The Floor Space By Placing Rugs

Improving the floor space by placing rugs

Via Jacqueline Marque

Using rugs to cover your hallway floor is among the best hallway decor ideas worth trying out. You can use multiple rugs to prevent the space from feeling monotonous. Rugs with different patterns can help create interest, while similar ones can provide a sense of cohesiveness. 

This is among the best narrow hallway ideas for creating visual interest since rugs can be used even in spaces where you cannot place any furniture. 

16. Using A Wall Mural To Make A Statement

Using a wall mural to make a statement


A wall mural can help you create the desired impression and leave visitors awestruck when they enter your home. But to make the most of this idea, using the right hallway wallpaper is crucial. 

While you may feel overwhelmed when decorating your hallway with a mural, it is quite manageable to do so. Simply select a suitable wallpaper for the hallway walls and extend the stair carpeting. This will prevent the walls from feeling empty as the wallpaper will act as the point of interest.

The simplest way to apply the wallpaper is to use the paste-the-wall method. For smaller spaces, you can create a wallpaper mural, which will attract the attention of visitors as soon as they enter. Additionally, this will help you know how to hang put-up wallpapers, a skill that can come in handy when decorating other areas of the house.

17. Adding Floating Shelves For Additional Functionality  

Adding floating shelves for additional functionality

Via Tom Holland

The best hallway decor ideas are those that efficiently combine style and functionality, and this is one of those ideas. You can add floating shelves to a wider hallway to add depth and create a functional space that solves storage problems. 

And since it leaves your precious floor space free, it can even be utilized in narrow hallways with a limited walkable area. Adding floating shelves is easy and can be accomplished through DIY techniques without taking up much time. 

18. Using Repeating Light Fixtures

Using repeating light fixtures

Via Melanie Rieders

Besides using light sources at different heights, consider repeating the fixtures to enhance the role lighting plays in the decor. One excellent idea is to incorporate the use of scones, which can help set the tone in the entryway and also create visual interest. 

Since these light fixtures provide ambient lighting, which is softer than recessed cans, they can provide a warmer, more comfortable environment. And they can help add personality to the space while serving as decor pieces themselves.

19. Generating Interest By Using Harlequin Or Check Flooring

Generating interest by using harlequin or check flooring

Via Annie Sloan

One of my favorite hallway ideas is to use check or harlequin flooring, which can help create a powerful impact and is great for wooden floors. The diamonds painted on the flooring can help create variety, add character to the hallway, and make it much more interesting. 

If you want to prevent your hallway from appearing dull and boring, this is one of the easiest ways to do so. What’s more, it does so without going overboard, and those who like to experiment can even try using various shades and colors instead of sticking to a dual-tone design. 

20. Adding Pendant Lighting To Make Brighten Up The Hallway

Adding pendant lighting to make brighten up the hallway

Via Catherine And Michael Frawley

Another hallway decor lighting idea is to add a pendant in your foyer, which can serve as a focal point while creating the perfect lighting. Pendant lighting is one of those hallway decor ideas that work wonders in a smaller space. 

A single pendant light can help concentrate lighting on a particular spot that requires more light or where you want to draw attention. And such lighting is particularly well-suited for people who want to try out different styles and can help make the hallway appear less formal and more comfortable.

21. Reflecting The Heritage Of Your House By Using Period Furniture 

Reflecting the heritage of your house by using period furniture

Source Benjamin Moore

In traditional homes with a rich history, you can utilize decor ideas reflecting such heritage. And one of the ways to do so is to use depressed furniture in the hallway, which can help wow the visitors entering your home. 

The primary reason why I find this idea very useful is that you do not need to use new furniture to create an impact. Simply place something like an antique bench in the foyer and match it with similar photo frames or art pieces. The scratches and scuffs on the furniture pieces only add character to the space. One example of how you can use period furniture is to look for pieces with brass or gold frames that go well with dark brown or burgundy backgrounds.

22. Adding Utility With Style Using A Storage Ladder 

Adding utility with style using a storage ladder

Via Lula Poggi

Many people do not want to drill holes in the wall for storage shelves since that can cause considerable damage. For such people, incorporating a slim storage ladder in the entryway can be the ideal solution. It can easily be propped up against the wall and can be used to store various household objects.

Such ladders do not occupy a lot of space but easily serve as an element that makes your hallway look more attractive and functional. 

23. Using A Carpet To Create A Welcoming Entrance

Using a carpet to create a welcoming entrance

Via Carpetright

A carpet in the hallway can prevent your home from getting dirty, make for an appealing entryway, and be especially handy if you have kids. And there are lots of options to choose from, so it is easy to find a carpet that complements the rest of the decor. 

Indoor doormats can also serve the same purpose as a carpet, and both can be coupled with other home decor elements like indoor mirrors and lighting for an impactful design. The only thing to keep in mind when adding a hallway carpet is the color selection which can decide how appealing the high-traffic area will look. 

24. Creating A Distinct Space By Laying Down Tiles 

Creating a distinct space by laying down tiles

Via Winkle Visser

If you want to give your hallway a separate identity that distinguishes it from other rooms of the house, laying down tiles is the best way to do so. This decor idea is ideal for homes that have small entryways and can help create the illusion of more space without a lot of effort. 

You can use multiple designs in a similar color that work together to create a pleasing space or use different colors to add some vibrance. An easy way to utilize tiles is to use temporary vinyl tiles or peel-and-stick tile decals.

25. Investing In A Rattan Console To Add A Touch Of Nature  

Investing in a rattan console to add a touch of nature

Via: Oliver Bonas

Investing in a rattan console is a great option for nature lovers who want to add a natural touch to their indoors. Rattan furniture gives the hallway an airy feeling and can easily be incorporated into slim entryways. 

You can even customize the look of the furniture by adding some globally-inspired accessories or using some Aztec paint to enhance the effect of the furniture further. Or create a tropical atmosphere by placing cacti or houseplants around the console.


Even if you do not plan on installing a rattan console, incorporating plants as decorative elements is an idea that works well in most houses. Placing houseplants at various locations can add some greenery and help keep the place fresh. And you get the added benefit of fresher air as the plants soak up stale air and release fresh oxygen-laden air.

26. Filling Up The Space By Adding Some Tapestries 

Filling up the space by adding some tapestries

Via Aivi Nguyen

A gallery wall can take up all the vertical space in your hallway, which is why some people do not find it suitable. If that is the case, you can try adding some tapestries to the wall, which can be an excellent alternative that does not use up all the available space. Tapestries can add color and texture to bland walls, which creates interest and helps make the ultimate first impression.

And they can even be used in a subtle pattern or to make a bold statement as required. But doing so will involve a great deal of care when selecting the tapestries, which is generally the trickiest part of implementing this hallway decor idea.

27. Adding Functionality By Incorporating A Tall Alcove Cabinet 

Adding functionality by incorporating a tall alcove cabinet

Via Little Greene

Not everyone likes having floating shelves in their hallway, so another option is to have an alcove with a cabinet in the space. This can be used to store your best homewares and can be a fun way to showcase them to visitors. 

A subtle distinction can be created between the alcove and the rest of the entryway using a slightly different shade of paint. Similarly, you can use various patterns or designs in the inserts, which can be an exciting element in an otherwise somber space. 

Alternatively, you can use samples of off-cuts of the hallway wallpaper to ensure cohesion without sacrificing variety. 

28. Using Bookshelves To Create A Contemporary Space

Using bookshelves to create a contemporary space

Via Tamara Gavin

If you have a lot of books, adding some bookshelves to the foyer is another idea worth trying out. The hallway can act as the perfect storage space for the shelves and become a talking point for visitors entering your home. Adding low-slung cubby holes or square shelves are similarly attractive options and work well without taking up too much space. 

For larger hallways that have plenty of free space, adding some bins and baskets will help complete the design. These can provide covered storage options for those who need them.

29. Selecting The Right Furniture 

Selecting the right furniture

Via Kasia Fiszer

Almost every interior designer will agree that selecting appropriate furniture is among the most important things when decorating a space, including the hallway. The furniture should be selected by considering certain factors, such as the functionality and the aesthetics of the room. 

Functional furniture used for landing areas can include a console table where you can keep items like dog leads, lipsticks, and keys. Or you can get a compact bench for sitting while putting on shoes or opening deliveries. Such benches can also be used to store bags that may otherwise be left lying around.

30. Adding An Element Of Sophistication Through Wall Panels

Adding an element of sophistication through wall panels

Via Nest

Wall panels were extremely popular earlier before going out of fashion but are now coming back in a big way. The reason is that few other elements provide such a sense of sophistication as wall paneling, and a hallway is a great place where these can be installed. 

Wall panels add color to the space without needing to be used on the entire wall, which is another reason why more and more people find them suitable. And since these panels add some texture to plain surfaces, they can help add a contemporary twist to any entryway.

31. Incorporating A Sliding Door To Save Space

Incorporating a sliding door to save space

Via Norsu Interiors

For small spaces, like narrow hallways, barn doors, or sliding doors are excellent options since they do not take up as much space as regular ones. Additionally, they can easily be painted the same color to blend with the rest of the decor, which makes them a very stylish option. 

You can even opt for sliding glass doors, which can reflect light and make the room appear larger in size. This, combined with the fact that such doors do not swing outwards, makes sliding doors the first choice for people who want to make their hallway appear more spacious.

32. Using A Variety Of Patterns To Generate Interest

Using a variety of patterns to generate interest

Via Victoria Shipp

Some of these hallway ideas are easier to try than others, such as this one. You can simply paint the hallway in bold or unexpected patterns that will make the place stand out from adjoining rooms yet look good. What’s more, this decor idea can be used alongside others, and you can select the pattern that best suits the wallpaper.

For instance, striped patterns can be used in the hallway by selecting a carpet for the area, and this can be complemented by using the right hallway wallpapers. This will give the room a warm, cozy feeling and make for a great entryway.

33. Adding Freshness By Painting The Stairs In Ombre Colors

Adding freshness by painting the stairs in ombre colors

Via Crown

When decorating their hallway, people often focus too much on the walls, and the stairs can go unnoticed in such situations. However, as any interior design studio would recommend, it is crucial to give the stairs the same level of attention, and the best way to do that is to paint them. 

When painting, go with ombre tones that gradually change color as you progress further, which can help freshen the place. When using ombre tones, start with the lightest shade at the top of the stairs and work through various shades, finishing with the darkest tones at the bottom. Doing this will help make the space appear brighter and larger.

34. Putting Up An Accent Wall To Draw Attention 

Putting up an accent wall to draw attention

Source Lula Poggi

Adding an accent wall in the hallway is a great idea for traditionalists since it is one of the oldest techniques used for interior design. An accent wall usually has a different pattern, design, shade, or color than the other surfaces in the room, which is why it can draw attention instantly.

You can use contrasting colors like black and pink to make a bold statement without relying on various ornamental pieces and other accessories. Thus, if you want to create a focal point in a room and draw attention to areas that might otherwise go unnoticed, an accent wall is the ideal solution. 

35. Adding Interest By Putting Up A Door Curtain

Adding interest by putting up a door curtain

Via Vanessa Arbuthnot 

Another easy way to spruce up your hallway is to put up a door curtain, which can help add interest and a feeling of luxury to even the blandest areas. Additionally, curtains are great for keeping out noise, dirt, and cold. However, you need to keep a few things in mind when opting for this idea. 

For hanging the curtain over the front door, you will need a curtain rod at the back of the door in case of a narrow hallway. Alternatively, it can be hung from a rail that extends to the door side, ensuring that it can be pulled back easily to open the door. 

But I would suggest going with a lined door curtain since it is great for insulation purposes. That said, for glazed doors, select a curtain with a nice design since that will be visible from the outside. 

How to decorate hallway final thoughts

There are numerous ways by which you can decorate your hallway, but selecting the most suitable method depends upon a lot of factors. These generally include the size of the hallway, its construction and design, the decor in the adjoining rooms, and other related factors. 

Among these, the most important factor that I recommend focusing on is functionality, as any decor that reduces the functional use of the space won’t be a good idea. Most of the ideas I’ve mentioned here blend design and functionality perfectly, so trying them out should not be an issue. 

But in case you’re unsure about how to proceed, it is best to hire an interior designer for the purpose.

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