Intermediate House / Equipo de Arquitectura

Architects: Equipo de Arquitectura
Area: 1,238 Square Feet (115 Square Meters)
Year: 2021
Photographs: Federico Cairoli, Equipo de Arquitectura
Manufacturers: Orlando Zacarías, Saccaro
Lead Architects: Horacio Cherniavsky, Viviana Pozzoli, Gabriela Ocampos, Franco Pinazzo, Rolph Vuyk
Ironworks: Gabriel González
Carpentry: Marcial Careaga
Landscaping: Lucila Garay
City: Asunción
Country: Paraguay

In this residential architectural project by Equipo de Arquitectura we explore a house through the lenses of Federico Cairoli. The dwelling spans 115 square meters within a 190 square meters plot, emphasizing the concept of living between dualities. The design underscores the transitions between public and private realms, embracing both the natural environment and crafted elements. Notably, the structure integrates a mango tree, central to the spatial connection between two physically separated blocks, enhancing visual cohesion and promoting natural ventilation. The innovative use of materials such as manually pressed uncooked earth bricks highlights the blend of traditional methods and modern demands, exemplifying a functional and aesthetic synthesis between the old and the new.

Intermediate house / equipo de arquitectura

Between the public and the private, the open and closed, and the inside and outside, lies the dynamic living space designed for a valued friend. This space navigates between the light and shadows, and the natural and the artificial, effectively blending industrial elements with craftsmanship.

Intermediate house / equipo de arquitectura

Architecture serves as a mediation between the requirements of daily living and the transformation of materials. In this role, architects act as facilitators, harnessing their expertise to shape environments.

The realm of ideas, although immaterial and ethereal, becomes tangible through the materialization of matter. The construction process mediates these opposing universes, navigating between experimentation and expected outcomes.

Standing on the historical shoulders of giants, the project positions itself at the juncture of past advancements and future developments. This positioning is crucial, assuming architecture’s role in the continuum of history.

From Louis Kahn’s teachings, we draw the dual functionality of structural supports that also serve as furniture, enhancing the spatial utility of the house. This architectural approach allows for a fluid interplay between social and private spaces, tailored to the shifting patterns of its occupants.

Intermediate house / equipo de arquitectura

The design utilizes local vernacular constructions to create favored intermediary spaces within homes. These spaces are crafted using uncooked earth, shaped into manually pressed bricks for walls, filters, and vaults, facilitating natural airflow and softening the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Intermediate house / equipo de arquitectura

At the heart of the plot, a mango tree enhances the connection between two distinct blocks, fostering a cohesive space from the frontal filter wall to the rear boundary wall. This arrangement facilitates a transformative living environment under a subtropical perspective.

The project also addresses the balance between industrial techniques and craftsmanship by innovatively cutting compacted earth blocks to form reinforced vaults, which are integral to the roofing structure. This method creates a functional amalgamation of traditional and contemporary construction practices.

Intermediate house / equipo de arquitectura

These design strategies, ranging from the production of raw materials to the intricate design of furniture mechanisms, showcase the architects’ commitment to finding a harmonious balance between project conception and execution.

Intermediate house / equipo de arquitectura
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Address: Asunción, Paraguay

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