Jinan Huizhong Starry Center / THAD SUP Atelier

Architects: THAD SUP Atelier
Area: 27,635 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Zhi Xia
Lighting Design: One Lighting Studio of THAD
Landscape Design: Beijing Yuren Raineco technology Co., Ltd.
Lead Architec: Yehao Song, Jingfen Sun
Architects Team: Dan Xie, Yingnan Chu, Xiaojuan Chen, Huixin Lv, Shuyi Chang (Intership), Danli Lin (Intership), Zhuoran Zhang (Intership)
Engineering Consultation: Nan Chen, Zhihong Xie, Jinren Cao, Fei Chen
Construction Design: Shandong Zhihe Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Curtain Wall: Jinan Nice Engineering Design Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Client: Jinan Huizhong New Industrial Co., Ltd.
City: Jinan
Country: China

Jinan Huizhong Starry Center, a commercial complex designed by THAD SUP Atelier in Jinan, Shandong Province, has transformed the community by integrating contemporary design with the vibrant mixed-use surroundings. Completed in 2022, this project rejuvenates the area by blending residential, educational, and commercial elements.

Jinan huizhong starry center / thad sup atelier

The project is a testament to innovative design within an old urban area in Jinan, serving as a commercial complex that integrates with the surrounding vibrant mixed-use community. Located among residential areas, schools, offices, eateries, and various small businesses, the project rejuvenates the community with a contemporary yet iconic commercial space.

Capitalizing on the site’s terrain height difference from south to north, the architects strategically opened up the first and underground floors, extending the commercial area along the street. This approach addresses the height variation challenge, manages rainwater and floods, and creates inviting green pathways connecting the ground and first floors.

In line with prefabricated construction demands, the use of modular aluminum panel curtain wall facade units demonstrates a commitment to functionality and aesthetics. These units, featuring large-scale fixed glass and inclined solid walls with ventilation convex windows, serve purposes such as lighting, viewing, shading, and ventilation.

Color elements were introduced for adjustment within the regular facade modules framework. The curated color palette, inspired by the cultural richness of Jinan’s old city, includes landmarks like Heihu Spring and the natural landscapes around Daming Lake. This deliberate color selection expresses architectural character and activates urban space, offering a harmonious yet distinctive visual experience resonating with the city’s historical charm.

Drawing inspiration from Jinan’s scenic spots, the architects meticulously analyzed and recreated typical landscape colors. The resulting color distribution achieves a natural variation effect, contrasting and complementing the warm tones of neighboring buildings with refreshing blue-green hues. The overall outcome is a harmonious urban color state that breathes new life into the surroundings, making the commercial complex a standout addition to the cityscape.

Jinan huizhong starry center / thad sup atelier
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Address: Jinan, Shandong, China

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