Jomthong Raintree House / Sher Maker

Architects: Sher Maker
Area: 360 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Rungkit Charoenwat
Lead Architects: Patcharada Inplang, Thongchai Chansamak
Design Team: Patcharada Inplang, Thongchai Chansamak, Akapan Kanyen, Sirilanna Siripen, Patthaporn Phuangmalai
Contractor: Nattaphume Nantabun
Structure Engineer: Pilawan Piriyapokai
City: Chiang Mai
Country: Thailand

This architectural exploration, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, meticulously designed by Sher Maker, integrates into a 3-acre plot adjacent to a Chamchuri forest. The 360 m² home, developed in 2023, serves as an observation point for its lush surroundings while ensuring minimal disruption to the existing ecosystem. The design, simple yet effective, features locally sourced materials and traditional building methods, showcasing a deep respect for the local environment and community practices. The main living spaces, positioned to offer privacy and spectacular views of the natural landscape and Doi Inthanon mountains, promise a serene connection with nature.

Jomthong raintree house / sher maker

The design of this residential home was envisioned to preserve the natural ecosystem with minimal intervention. Positioned along the plot’s non-boundary edge and nestled among existing trees, the structure acts as a natural observation space, maintaining the natural ambiance.

The topography descends from the road level to a vast Chamchuri forest, intersected by a community stream flowing through a longan orchard. The architects designed the building’s walls to serve as a division fence of privacy, yet still allowing views and interactions with the surroundings. This design supports the engagement with the natural environment through visual and tactile experiences.

The architectural form is straightforward, consisting of a gabled roof with RC concrete structures, which were executed effortlessly by a local building team. The walls, covered with timber batten, utilize locally sourced Shorea wood, treated with used black engine oil—a cost-effective method derived from local building traditions—to protect the exterior wood.

Jomthong raintree house / sher maker

At the house’s interior, the main hallway, facing the village road, leads to private areas such as the bedrooms and living room, located at the deepest part of the house on the sloping terrain. This layout provides privacy while still offering expansive views of the Chamchuri forest landscape and the Doi Inthanon mountain range from an observation deck at the bridge’s end.

Jomthong raintree house / sher maker

The observatory, designed to capture the serene atmosphere and untouched wilderness, especially during the fleeting moments before sunset, is adaptable to accommodate various future family activities, making the space both functional and flexible.

Jomthong raintree house / sher maker
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Address: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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