Kid’s Workshop House St. Pauli / Hormann Architektur

Architects: Hormann Architektur
Area: 200 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Jan Hormann
Lead Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Jan Hormann
Architecture Offices: Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Gilbert Moedebeck
Engineering & Consulting > Structural: GS-Ingenieure Germer & Petersen
Landscape Architecture: arbos landscape GmbH
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany

The Kids’ Workshop House at St. Pauli, Hamburg, designed by Hormann Architektur, transforms a park area into a playful learning environment for children. As part of the park’s restructuring, this new venue incorporates sustainable design, engaging architectural language, and flexible use of space, facilitating an interactive and educational experience for young visitors.

Kid's workshop house st. Pauli / hormann architektur

The Kids’ Workshop House at St. Pauli in Hamburg serves as a space for children to engage with the world of crafts in a playful manner. Positioned strategically as part of the park’s restructuring, it now occupies a new site.

Kid's workshop house st. Pauli / hormann architektur

Participation was part of the design process. Early in the design phase, contributions weren’t limited to suggestions from political committees; inputs from the children were also integrated. An essential insight from this collaborative process was the need for an architectural language that resonates with children and other park visitors. The building’s reinterpretation of traditional pitched-roof houses establishes a distinct and engaging presence.

Kid's workshop house st. Pauli / hormann architektur

Flexible spaces were an objective. The architectural plan incorporates open and inviting spaces. The entry area, equipped with a wardrobe and sanitary facilities, organizes flow between the common room and the workshop, providing barrier-free access to both the forecourt and the rear outdoor area. The multifunctional room can be utilized either as part of the common room or as an expansion of the office for family gatherings and meetings. All rooms feature patio doors, blending indoor and outdoor environments. Notably, a “hayloft” above the entrance serves as a playful retreat and communication space for the children, characterized by its gable roof.

Kid's workshop house st. Pauli / hormann architektur

Sustainable construction. The building’s design underscores the commitment to sustainable architecture. Employing solid timber construction provides ecological benefits and meets the durable needs of a children’s workshop house without sacrificing comfort. The visible use of wood enhances the indoor climate and contributes to a warm ambiance.

Kid's workshop house st. Pauli / hormann architektur

Facade wood from the district. Externally, the building asserts itself with a confident timber structure featuring a classic ventilated façade constructed from untreated, rough-sawn larch boards sourced from Hamburg Altona’s district forestry workshop. This local production supports sustainability and community engagement.

The Kids’ Workshop House St. Pauli exemplifies the integration of sustainable construction, functional design, and aesthetic appeal, creating a stimulating space where children can explore and learn.

Kid's workshop house st. Pauli / hormann architektur
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Address: St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany

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