LILELO / Little Leisure Lodge / Atelier LAVIT

Architects: Atelier LAVIT
Area: 156 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Silvia Lavit
Manufacturers: BMI Cobert
Lead Architect: Marco Lavit
Foundations: RODINI SRL
Structure Engineer: Studio Petrino
Project Manager: Carlo Lavit
Program / Use / Building Function: Eco-lodge Hotel
City: Grazzano Badoglio
Country: Italy

Atelier LAVIT’s latest eco-lodge hotel project in Grazzano Badoglio, Italy, reflects a unique architectural blend that integrates with its natural surroundings. Situated in Monferrato, a region famed for its scenic vineyards and dense woodlands, the project features four wooden and glass cabins designed to echo the traditional haystacks of the area. This sustainable design emphasizes eco-friendly materials and innovative construction techniques, aiming to provide privacy and comfort through its layout and strategic positioning. The essence of the design lies in creating a seamless interaction between the indoor spaces and the natural landscape, enhancing the guest experience through both function and aesthetics.

Lilelo / little leisure lodge / atelier lavit

Nestled within a landscape of vineyards and wooded areas in the heart of Monferrato, the eco-hotel forms a village comprising four distinct wood and glass cabins. The design draws inspiration from traditional haystacks, enhancing the natural setting. Three cabins serve as private suites, while the fourth functions as a communal space.

The interior layout of the suites flows seamlessly from a breakfast nook adjacent to the deck, through the sleeping area, to the bathroom at the far end, forming a private retreat conducive to both relaxation and guest entertainment.

The fourth cabin, offering substantial outdoor space and a large kitchen, serves primarily as a gathering area rather than a conventional reception, featuring a large table for communal seating.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are pivotal, with the use of natural, eco-compatible materials. The cabins, elevated to accommodate the sloping terrain, incorporate a construction approach that maximizes environmental harmony.

The architectural challenge embraced prefabricated elements without succumbing to standardization. This approach is exemplified by the A-shaped roof with two fully glazed triangular elevations, serving both as walls and load-bearing structures. The design philosophy avoids closed volumes with subtracted openings, instead adopting a configuration of three inclined surfaces inspired by Japanese techniques focusing on layering.

Each cabin, with dimensions of 6.0 by 9.0 meters and a ceiling height of 5.5 meters, features larch wood treated with oil to enhance and nourish the material over time. This treatment, along with wood-dominated furnishings and finishes, allows the structures to blend seamlessly with their environment, achieving a camouflage effect.

Lilelo / little leisure lodge / atelier lavit

Windows plays a crucial role in the Lilelo project, bridging functionality and aesthetics by integrating the landscape with the interior spaces through strategically placed thin windows, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the indoor and outdoor environments.

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Project Location

Address: 14035 Grazzano Badoglio, Asti, Moferrato, Italy

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