Living on the Graveyard / Marc Prosman Architecten

Architects: Marc Prosman Architecten
Area: 6,890 Square Feet (640 Square Meters)
Year: 2023
Photography: Ronald Zijlstra
Manufacturers: Bouwbedrijf Kooi
Lead Architects: Marc Prosman and Matthijs de Wit
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Kooi
City: Haren, Groningen
Country: The Netherlands

In Haren, Groningen, a new residential building seamlessly blends into its historic and green surroundings. Designed by Marc Prosman and Matthijs de Wit, the building features seven apartments, a shop, and an underground parking facility. Carefully harmonized with its environment, the building utilizes local materials, including a distinct warm red Groningen brick, to maintain visual and material continuity with the neighborhood. The thoughtful design includes a sophisticated facade and structured volumes, respecting both the urban context and the adjacent natural and built elements.

Living on the graveyard/marc prosman architecten

A newly designed residential building in Haren, Groningen, comprises seven spacious apartments, a commercial space, and an underground parking garage. Located at the commencement of a shopping street and flanked by a church and a cemetery, the building is nestled among smaller-scale structures, necessitating a design that integrates sensitively with its surroundings.

Following a thorough analysis of the local environment and the client’s specifications, the architects crafted a building form that aligns well in terms of scale, materiality, and compliance with the local zoning regulations. The building’s exterior is clad in a locally sourced brick known for its warm red hue, contributing to a distinctive facade that stands out yet respects its context. This brickwork is complemented by an elegant coping layer above the windows, which aligns with those of neighboring buildings. The design of the window frames, with their subtle brick overlays and recessed placement, adds depth to the facade through the creation of shadow lines.

The building’s form is sculptural yet modest, balancing its presence in a small-scale neighborhood. According to zoning requirements, the structure accommodates three residential floors with a rooftop extension on the street-facing side and is reduced by one floor at the back. This configuration meets regulatory demands provides quality outdoor spaces for the inhabitants. The apartments vary in size from 116 m² to 248 m², offering a range of living options.

Living on the graveyard/marc prosman architecten
Living on the graveyard/marc prosman architecten

The overall design of the building is carefully considered to enhance its integration into the urban landscape, establishing a visual connection with the surrounding structures. The use of warm-colored brick provides a stark contrast to the colder backdrop of the neighboring cemetery, while the intricate architectural details of the coping and window treatments enrich the visual appeal and character of the facade.

Living on the graveyard/marc prosman architecten
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Address: Haren, The Netherlands

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