Logitech Craft Review | Crowning the Queen of Keyboards

It is hard to pinpoint perfection, especially as the world seems to keep on pushing the pedal to the metal, swirling us around, we are today all over the place and yet nowhere at all.

In this rather chaotic mayhem, every now and then, an event, a piece of architecture, or a product reminds us to stay still, invites us to take the time and gaze at how the creator envisioned the whole, invites us to admire the process and the attention to detail that made that something different, complete, apart.

These pieces are usually timeless, they exude a sense of certainty, a strength that infuses the user with positive energy and today we are happy to present you such a piece, the Logitech Craft.

The Craft takes a bend from the general rule and takes in its forte, a gamut of unique features and added equipment in a phenomenal sturdy built; part from the build material, typing speed, the feel of the keys, ease of use, a creative dial becomes the focus of attention.

Yeah, you heard that right!

This product from Logitech wears the Crown, which is what they call the creative dial,  and proves its name in performance, ease of use, and durability. It is one input device packed with tools of creativity and software-compatible utilities. Read on to find out more about this exciting product.

Logitech Craft Review

Logitech craft review

Why the Logitech Craft is the Queen?

Despite so many dedicated software and devices for creativity, we haven’t seen a keyboard that’s explicitly designed for creative users. Logitech Craft is one such product. It scores equally well among the other yardsticks, such as typing convenience, speed, the feel of the keys, etc. It is known for its flexibility, compatibility, and the creative control it has to offer.

Although coming within the expensive range of products, this piece of electronic genius is a fusion of design, sturdy build, utility, and feature-rich compatibility.

Let’s check out why creative nerds should go for the Logitech Craft!

Supreme Creative Control 

The mastery of creative control is in the Creative Input Dial, which is called the Crown. The sensitive touch dial at the top left of the keyboard is a tool that will baffle all the artists out there. 

The application-specific functions let you in in a world of smooth functionality and increased control over your workspace. 

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input Dial and...
  • OPTIMISED WORKFLOW. Install profiles in Logitech...

But how exactly does it enhance your creativity? 

It is a question that has been doing the rounds across all social media forums, and we decided to answer this specific query.

Via the Logitech Options utility, one can choose from a variety of inbuilt software profiles like Adobe Suite, and MS Office, and popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

The basic controls include tapping the dial that displays the onscreen menu. The following paragraphs will focus on the three main software over which this keyboard exerts formidable creative choices.

Logitech craft review


They have done an excellent job with the slider controls in Lightroom. Set the dials tap menu or select from the adjustment controls you generally use while editing your photos. The best part of the Lightroom controls is you can choose the functions that would be available on the menu.

Navigating to and fro among the 11 choices is quite an irritating task and delays your workflow. So, with the creative dial, customize the primary options that you generally use. We diligently hope Logitech introduces updates to include features such as secondary menus for the other adjustment functions such as color, detail, and toning, significantly increasing flexibility.


In Photoshop, it is all about getting adjusted by switching between turn and touch motions. The Brush and Zoom functions are the most useful features that one could use with the creative dial.

You can alter the brush size, flow, hardness, and opacity, while the default function set, is the zoom in and zoom out. The dial is very sensitive to minute adjustments, facilitating faster and smoother workflow, and enhancing your artistic abilities.

Premiere Pro

One significant purpose of the dial-in Premiere Pro is to navigate your timeline. We all know how painful a process it is to hold the navigation keys until the exact frame reaches a point or hover through your timeline with your mouse.

Jog faster through scenes or navigate through them one by one with the feather touch dial and save yourself the fuss of getting lost amidst different layers and timelines. 

We could not find any more functions designated for Premiere Pro and Logitech will bring along updates in the future.


This list can go on for a while as most creation programs that you can think of have been considered and thus Logitech created specific uses for each one but more importantly, you can tell the Crown what your needs are. Regardless of the program, you have the Queen in the fold.

Logitech craft review back-lit keys

Light-sensitive backlit keys 

Finally, we move on to the other beautiful elements of the keyboard. We seem to have gotten stuck with the Crown. Anyhow, Craft features backlighting but not at the cost of glares and stares or, more importantly, battery.

Ordinary keyboards glow all the time, but Craft, featuring smart illumination, will light up once you approach the keys and then automatically adapt to the lighting conditions of your surroundings.

It is a classic blend with you and the environment in which you are residing.

Syncing options are innumerable 

In the area of compatibility and syncing, Logitech Craft is light years ahead. Compatible with Linux/Mac/Windows, it can connect up to 3 devices at once, and with the easy-swap switch, you can very conveniently swap the three devices.

It not only reduces the desktop clutter, but leads to a far more efficient workflow, and a feeling of continuity. Creative users would agree on how useful that particular sense of not getting distracted is!

Logitech craft review

Packaging, build quality, and design blend very smoothly 

There is a lot more to the keyboard than what meets the eye. Coming in a sleek matte finish, the Craft wears a black theme with a silver bar on the top, which holds the Crown. The upper body that holds the keys is made of metal and the lower body of plastic. 

This combination makes the keyboard extremely durable, stable, and precise. Stability leads to lesser noise and more responsiveness. Each key is fused with key-dishing to type with utmost accuracy and easy positioning of your fingers. Forget the hassle of oily fingers and missing keys.

The packaging also gives off the feeling that it is a well-crafted product, coming with a male-to-male type C USB cable and a 1500 mAh internal battery. Inside the pack, you will also find the user manual and drivers which must be installed for the keyboard to work correctly. 

Img 7339

What could have been better?

Although a smooth curved surface helps guide the fingers during typing, the dimpled surface of the Craft keys is a bit off-putting. 

There is a lot of area for improvement in Adobe Premiere Pro functionality. Some users have had difficulty in pairing with the third consecutive device.

There is no provision for vertical scrolling via the Crown in web apps. 

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input Dial and...
  • OPTIMISED WORKFLOW. Install profiles in Logitech...

Final words

Finally, when you think about all the checkpoints the Craft crosses, the keyboard well deserves its price tag. Neat packaging, an extraordinarily well-built and sleek design, ease of use, and finally, the incredible creative dial, all add up to make it a compelling product.

The need for this product has been felt for so long, and Logitech, just like always, didn’t disappoint us. Yes, of course, there is room for improvements and improvisations but we are certain that the preliminary usage issues of various keys will be fixed in the subsequent versions and as always, we will keep Logitech under the microscope.

Your creative powers will get the speed and accuracy they deserve with the Craft, and you will get comfort at its finest in the perfect mix of aesthetics and technology!

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