MC House / Cristián Romero Valente

Architects: Cristián Romero Valente
Area: 800 m² (8611 ft²)
Year: 2023
Photography: Juan Pablo Calderón
Lightning: During Iluminación
Engineering: Alberto Ramirez Covo
Builder: C1
City: Chicureo
Country: Chile

MC House residential building designed by Cristián Romero Valente in the Chicureo Estate, Santiago, Chile, integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Completed in 2023, this project enhances the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The design incorporates features such as a central courtyard, indirect skylights, and durable materials like reinforced concrete and wood, creating an environment that balances openness and privacy.

Mc house / cristián romero valente

MC House, nestled on a gentle slope within the Chicureo Estate in Santiago, Chile, seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Access to the house is through an ascending staircase leading to the second floor, offering a panoramic view to the northeast.

The street-facing facade presents a solid wall for privacy, while the garden-facing facade opens generously, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

Mc house / cristián romero valente

A double-height central courtyard serves as a focal point and unifies different spaces. The first floor includes an indoor pool, garden-view terraces, a spa, living areas, and parking.

The design of the first floor emphasizes transparency and fluidity, providing clear views between various environments and the central courtyard, promoting openness and spaciousness.

Mc house / cristián romero valente

The second floor houses the most private areas, including spacious bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a dining area, all connected to the central courtyard.

Mc house / cristián romero valente

The house incorporates indirect skylights, natural lighting, and eaves for shade, ensuring a comfortable interior environment.

Mc house / cristián romero valente

The construction uses reinforced concrete for solidity, warmth, and durability, with concrete walls offering protection, privacy, and design elements.

Wood in ceilings and some interior cladding adds warmth and coziness, while light through the central courtyard creates a dynamic atmosphere, transforming the house throughout the day and night.

Mc house / cristián romero valente
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Project Location

Address: Camino de la Hacienda 422-600, Chicureo, Colina, Metropolitan Region, Chile

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