Mirai Japanese Restaurant / SC Solange Cálio Arquitetos

Architects: Solange Cálio Arquitetos
Area: 420 m²
Year: 2024
Photographs: Denilson Machado/ MCA Estúdio
Manufacturers: Madeira Velha, Pair – SP, Retrobel, Sr. Paulo Marceneiro
Lead Architect: Solange Cálio
Coordinating Architect Responsible: Leandro Marcelino
Interiors And Curation: Siumara Cálio
Lighting: Lucenera
Floor: Defragoso
Artist: Roque Agnesini Pandini
City: São José do Rio Preto
Country: Brazil

Mirai Restaurante Japonês, a Japanese restaurant designed in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil, merges exceptional culinary arts with unique architectural design, encapsulating a comprehensive experience of Japanese culture. This project, deeply embedded in the owner’s personal narrative, is distinguished by its seamless integration of traditional elements and modern design, creating an iconic presence in the city. Enveloping visitors in an atmosphere of warmth and authenticity, Mirai Restaurante Japonês enhances the dining experience by incorporating natural materials like wood and stone that are synonymous with Japanese architecture. With its thoughtfully designed spaces, from the dynamic bar area to the tranquil private dining rooms and serene bamboo garden, the restaurant invites guests to a multi-sensory journey through the flavors and aesthetics of Japan.

Mirai japanese restaurant / sc solange cálio arquitetos
Mirai japanese restaurant / sc solange cálio arquitetos

The restaurant is acclaimed for its architectural design that marries traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern elements, creating an inviting and unforgettable ambiance. The design philosophy aims to craft a space where tradition and modernity coexist, enhancing the dining experience. The facade of Mirai Restaurante Japonês features minimalist lines that incorporate classic Japanese materials such as wood and stone, setting a serene, elegant tone.

Mirai japanese restaurant / sc solange cálio arquitetos

Inside, the restaurant is segmented into various areas, each designed to provide a distinct experience. The vibrant bar area, with its sushi and cocktail counter, serves as a lively hub for social interaction. For more private gatherings, the restaurant offers secluded dining rooms adorned with traditional Japanese decor, ensuring an intimate atmosphere for larger groups.

Mirai japanese restaurant / sc solange cálio arquitetos

Ambient lighting plays a crucial role in the interior design, with soft, diffused light creating a relaxing environment that extends throughout the establishment. Targeted lighting accents important features like the sushi counter and art installations, while stylish pendant fixtures contribute an element of sophistication. Surrounding the building, a meticulously designed bamboo garden adds a layer of tranquility and a tangible connection to nature.

Mirai Restaurante Japonês stands out as a culinary highlight and as an architectural narrative that conveys the owner’s deep affinity for Japanese culture. The thoughtful integration of heritage and innovation invites guests to a comprehensive sensory journey, blending gastronomy, architecture, and cultural appreciation in a seamless, enriching manner.

Mirai japanese restaurant / sc solange cálio arquitetos
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Project Location

Address: R. Cila, 3251a – Vila Redentora, São José do Rio Preto – SP, 15015-800, Brazil

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