Monex Offices / ARQUID

Architects: ARQUID
Area: 400 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Alberto Amores
Project management: ARQUID
Constructor: IC10
Carpentry: Dicotex
Lighting: Vibia, Plusminus, Faro
Furniture: Orsal, Ondarreta, Enea Design, BK Contract
Home Automation Solutions: Torre Picasso & Elecnor
Acoustic Solutions: Acoustic Curtains
Location: Torre Picasso
City: Madrid
Country: Spain

Monex Offices at Torre Picasso (Picasso Tower) in Madrid, designed by the architecture firm ARQUID, stand as a testament to innovative workspace design that integrates personalization and functionality. Completed in 2023, the project has been nominated for the Best Workspaces Awards. The office occupies the 31st floor of Torre Picasso, offering panoramic views that inspire and facilitate team collaboration. ARQUID’s design philosophy for this project manifests in the metaphor of a crossroads, representing a meeting point for various departments and enhancing the exchange of ideas within the company.

Monex offices / arquid

The Monex Offices, a remarkable project nominated for the Best Workspaces Awards, was developed by the architecture firm ARQUID in partnership with the Monex company, resulting in a tailor-made, distinctive workspace. This innovative workspace is situated on the 31st floor of the dynamic Torre Picasso in Madrid, where strategic panoramic views play a crucial role in promoting inspiration and teamwork. The office design features a blend of shapes and functionalities, drawing inspiration from the concept of a crossroads—a metaphorical focal point and convergence zone for the company’s various departments.

Monex offices / arquid

Architect Juan Juárez described the Monex offices as a result of an extended and inspired search for solutions in close collaboration with the company. ARQUID and Monex embarked on a journey to find an ideal location, eventually choosing the spectacular views offered by Torre Picasso over alternatives next to Paseo de la Castellana. This decision was driven by the desire to provide inspirational meeting spaces overlooking key city landmarks like Castellana Avenue and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Monex offices / arquid

The offices were custom-designed to reflect the specific organizational needs of Monex. The layout is based on the idea of a crossroads, facilitating both communal interactions and independent departmental functions. This concept emerged from an in-depth analysis of workspace interrelationships by ARQUID and the client. The design also strategically places meeting rooms at this intersection to maximize the inspirational potential of the city views.

At one end of the office, the canteen offers a lively space designed to promote staff interaction, featuring vibrant colors, diverse furniture, and elements for relaxation and play. The overall design balances various materials and geometric shapes to create an optimal work environment, with wood adding warmth and white surfaces ensuring a professional look. Curves are strategically used to ease movement and enhance spatial flow.

Monex offices / arquid

Despite the structural limitations of the protected Torre Picasso, ARQUID managed to implement the design through prefabricated construction and on-site customization, adhering to specific aesthetic criteria without altering the building’s facade. The project emphasizes sustainability, utilizing local materials and incorporating energy-efficient technologies like the KNX system for optimal lighting and climate control, reflecting a commitment to functional, sustainable design.

Monex offices / arquid
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Project Location

Address: Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Tetuán, Madrid, Spain

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