MP House / Gastón Sironi + Valentina Machado

Architects: Gastón Sironi, Valentina Machado
Area: 2799 ft²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Javier Agustín Rojas
Manufacturers: ANODAL, Carot carpinteria, Hormigones Federico, Molla carpinteria, Patagonia Flooring, Sanitarios FV, ferrum
Lead Architects: Gastón Sironi, Valentina Machado
Structural Calculation: Marcelo, Bonafe
Landscaping: Atelier de paisaje_Manuela Garcia Faure
Program: Vivienda Unifamiliar
City: La Calera
Country: Argentina

MP House, designed by Gastón Sironi and Valentina Machado, is located in La Calera, at the foot of the Cordoba mountains. The house integrates with the topography, offering views of the city and mountains. The design preserves the site’s dense vegetation and follows the natural slope. Constructed with exposed concrete, the house blends with the horizon. The main rooms face the city views, while service areas connect the house to the mountain. Transition spaces provide flexibility and continuity, with a terrace expanding the social area.

Mp house / gastón sironi + valentina machado

The house is located in La Calera, at the foot of the Cordoba mountains, about 10 km from the capital city. Once a satellite city, La Calera has now been absorbed by the urban sprawl of Córdoba. The topography heavily influences the design, integrating the house into the landscape. Positioned in the highest sector of the area, the house offers excellent views of the city, the large mountains, and the west.

The site is endowed with dense vegetation, which the plan aims to preserve. The house’s layout follows the natural slope, with patios opening to the mountain environment, creating a transitional space that mediates the exterior-interior relationship.

The material choice for the house is crucial, not only for its structural demands but also to blend the house into the horizon. Partitions and exposed concrete slabs were used, maintaining an empathetic relationship with the context.

Considering the excellent city views, all the main rooms of the house are oriented towards them. The service areas facilitate the connection between the house and the mountain. The volume of the house features anterior and posterior transition spaces, providing flexibility and continuity throughout the living spaces. The terrace on the private volume supports and expands the social area.

Mp house / gastón sironi + valentina machado
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Address: La Calera, Córdoba Province, Argentina

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