8 Best Mp3 Players for Audiobooks

The problem with life is, there’s no background music!

Well, this might not be true if you have a portable mp3 player at your disposal. Apart from playing the right song as per the situation, you can also listen to a story to escape from the monotony of daily life. And let’s agree, smartphones don’t really match the aura of dedicated audio players.

With this thought in mind, we set out to buy an mp3 player, only to return empty-handed. After all, the plethora of options can confuse anyone!

So that you don’t face the same problem, we’ve curated this list featuring the best names on the market. As a bonus, we’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide for easy decision-making.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in!

Best Mp3 Players for Audiobooks

1. Akamate Mp3 Player

We start things off with this Akamate Mp3 Player. Its compact design and seamless user interface make it a favorite among regular audiobook listeners. What’s more, the pocket-friendly price will suit most budgets.

For starters, we liked the device’s portable and lightweight design. Built from a single piece of aluminum alloy, it weighs a mere 2.46 ounces for hassle-free portability. Besides, the thin frame can easily fit into cramped pockets and bags.

Talking about its performance, the 16GB memory can store a lot of audiobooks and songs in different formats. Additionally, it has an SD card slot that supports up to 128GB of memory expansion. Since it is also meant to perform several other functions like picture browsing and file reading, among others, the expandable memory will come in handy. 

We also loved the user interface, which consists of a 2.4 inch High-Resolution screen and 7 sensitive function keys for convenient operation. And if you are wary about accidentally changing the track, the one-button lock feature will come to your rescue.

Another highlight of the product is the implementation of noise reduction technology while recording. Upon pressing the RedDot button, the device begins recording whatever is playing in a way that reduces unnecessary noise for reinforced clarity.

Finally, the in-built step counter chip counts the steps, measures the distance walked and estimates the calories burnt. This will surely please the fitness lover in you!

The only problem that we faced was that the audio files didn’t download in the same order as on the computer. Hence, we had to spend some extra time creating a playlist, since there’s no option to reorder the files otherwise. But if you ask us, this is far from being a deal-breaker.

2. Apple iPod Touch

No list of Mp3 players can be complete without one from Apple. As such, the Apple iPod is among our top recommendations on the list. Its sleek design is loaded with various features that make it more than just a standard Mp3 player.

Right off the bat, we were impressed with the positive customer feedback. Featuring a slim and attractive design, it weighs as less as 88 grams to fit in your pocket without being too noticeable. However, don’t let it make you think that there’s a dearth of features!

With its 128GB memory, we are sure that even the most hardcore audiobook lovers will have enough storage for their favorites. Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates seamless access to the app store, which in turn allows you to access apps like Audible and Overdrive. Thus, you can download more audiobooks directly and store it on the device without requiring a computer or laptop. 

Furthermore, its long battery life provides an audio playback time of 40 hours, meaning it can easily last for a two-way commute or even a short camping trip.

Apart from that, the host of other features makes it an extremely versatile device. In fact, the only thing missing is a calling feature. Be it taking pictures or accessing social media; this one can do it all!

Like the majority of Apple products, the iPod Touch comes with a premium price tag. But then again, it allows you to do a lot more than the average Mp3 player. So, if you don’t plan on using your device for anything else, you might want to look for other, more affordable alternatives.

While at it, we’d recommend downloading a genuine bookmarking tool for added convenience.

3. AGPTEK A02S 16GB Mp3 Player

Another one of our affordable favorites is the AGPTEK A02S Mp3 Player. This small and lightweight model has just the right features to provide you with trouble-free listening for a long span. Plus, it can easily be used by children.

We weren’t very confident about the device’s ability, especially after considering its rather simple appearance. But it wasn’t long before we were compelled to think otherwise. Firstly, the 16GB in-built memory is capable of storing about 4000 audio files. And if that’s still not enough, feel free to use the SD card slot, which supports up to 128GB of expandable memory.

We were also pleased with the key-controlled uncomplicated user interface, which includes a dedicated volume button. In addition, the display facilitates clear visibility for album artwork, if applicable. Combined with other functions like voice recording, it takes good care of user convenience. 

On that note, a full charging session will take about 1.5 hours and will last you a good 70 hours of playback time.

Since the device is essentially a Hi-Fi class audio player, it only makes sense that it will be compatible with a range of audio formats, like WMA, WAV, ACELP, etc. Moreover, the built-in FM radio takes the versatility factor a notch higher.

Last but not least, the package includes a compatible earphone that provides a more personalized listening experience.

The AGPTEK A02S has a limitation on storing 4k files internally as compared to external storage. Thus, we’d recommend opting for a compatible memory card if you have a lot of these files. Also, creating playlists on the device can be challenging.

4. iPod Nano 7th Generation

The iPod Nano 7th Generation Mp3 Player is a comparatively affordable product in the said category. Its simple design and long battery life are ideal for those who are looking for a more dedicated audio-playing device.

At first glance, the shiny all-metal body grabbed our attention. The design predominantly comprises a screen and an iPhone-ish home button at the bottom. Plus, at 76mm high and 5mm thick, handling the device will hardly strain your muscles.

Moving on, the interface is extremely easy to understand and use. In fact, one of the main reasons for its popularity is the user-friendly operation, especially for non-tech-savvy people. The decently large icons are divided into two swipeable screens, and all you have to do is tap on the required one. 

At this point, we should also mention that the device also functions as a video player and FM radio, among other things. However, unlike its predecessor, you have to sync the desired files using the iTunes application on your PC.

The audio output is clean and can be adjusted further using the 22 EQ modes on offer. In the absence of an integrated loudspeaker, we didn’t have trouble listening with our earphones. Furthermore, the soundcheck function normalizes the volume level across tracks.

Finally, fast Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless pairing with wireless headsets and speakers.

Like all Apple products, the iPod Nano comes with a premium price tag, but is a good option if you want something simple from the brand. That being said, we can’t wrap our heads around the absence of Wi-Fi connectivity, thereby making it incapable of connecting to any application.

5. RUIZU X02 Mp3 Player

It’s now time for the Ruizu X02 Mp3 Player to make a deserving entry on the list. This stylish-looking device has a large storage capacity and numerous user-friendly features. Besides, it’s compatible with several Bluetooth speakers.

Our search for a versatile Mp3 player on a budget led us to this product, and we are pretty satisfied with what it brings to the table. To start off, we are totally rooting for its sturdy frame that renders a classy look and feel to the model. Additionally, the key controls will appeal to those who aren’t too fond of touch operations.

Thankfully, the performance is at par with the attractive design. Not only does the stable Bluetooth connectivity pair with most wireless headphones and speakers, but it can also be used with car stereo receivers.

Similar to the AGPTEK A02S Mp3 Player, you can access a lot of popular audio file formats on this device. And the digital noise reduction chip reduces background noise for more clarity. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the X02 can read .txt documents, making it suitable for multi-purpose use. However, its biggest advantage is the bookmarking feature, which works for both file formats. This is a function that has been missing in some of the more expensive devices.

Lastly, the Lithium-ion polymer battery charges in a couple of hours to provide 80 hours of playback. All in all, this Mp3 player is one of the most cost-effective models in its price range.

Our only area of disappointment is the fact that the device can’t create playlists on its own. For this purpose, the user has to create folders and save files in order while loading from the computer for a pre-made playlist.

6. MUSRUN Mp3 Player

Almost halfway through the list, and we’d like to introduce the MUSRUN Mp3 Player. Boasting advanced Bluetooth connectivity and superior sound quality, this unit may well please even the nitpickers out there!

First things first, we were intrigued by its fast and reliable Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to being more compatible with wireless headphones and speakers, it also uses low power for reliable long-distance connections. Hence, you can do away with frequent charging.

Apart from that, the unique Mp3 direct transfer record mechanism also amps up its appeal. Simply put, this feature can transfer your phonograph, DVD, mobile music, etc. through the included audio cable and store them directly in the Mp3 format. Likewise, the unit can also support various other formats like WMA, APE, FLAC, and WAV, to name a few. Talk about versatility! 

We also loved the independent radio IC design that facilitates a stronger signal for optimum clarity.

Thanks to the integrated speaker, the device also doubles up as an alarm and sleep timer. And much like the Akamate Mp3 Player, the pedometer feature allows the user to keep track of the calories burned.

While we opted for the 16GB option, you can also go for the 32GB variant by spending a few extra bucks. Both these models have an external memory capacity of up to 128GB. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly gift this holiday season, then the MUSRUN Mp3 Player may just be it.

Although we are all for the sturdiness of the anti-slip metal frame, we do feel that it makes the device weigh slightly heavier. However, when attached to the adjustable armband, it doesn’t cause any significant discomfort or muscle fatigue.

7. Creative Zen 2 GB Portable Media Player

The Creative Zen Portable Media Player, as the name suggests, is an all-rounder that can be used to play both audio and video. Sporting a vibrant color screen, this solid-looking device is loaded with features that will specifically benefit audiobook listeners.

Appearance-wise, there’s hardly anything that makes it stand out, but that’s till you have explored the full range of features. Straight up, we were glad to have broken the monotony of portrait screens. The 2.5-inch TFT display has a good resolution and can support up to 16.7 million colors.

What appealed to us the most is that despite being a media player, the device doesn’t leave much room for complaint. Firstly, it comes with an external SD card slot for expanding the memory by up to 128GB. Furthermore, it can seamlessly play files downloaded from applications like Audible and Overdrive.

Combined with the bookmarking feature that lets you place as many as 10 bookmarks in the current audiobook, this device certainly makes life easy.

Since it supports unprotected AAC file formats, you can enjoy tracks that have been downloaded via iTunes. Likewise, it’s compatible with various music subscription apps and purchased or rented videos. And talking about its battery life, a single charge provides 30 hours of music or 5 hours of continuous video playback time.

Lastly, loading files onto the device won’t make you rack your brain. Similar to the AGPTEK A02S, just drag and drop the desired files, and you’re good to go. Keep in mind, though, that it isn’t compatible with MAC OS.

Honestly, we are pretty bummed about the fact the Creative Zen neither has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Hence, if you’re looking for flexibility in playback, then this device may not be your go-to.

8. Jolike MP3 Player

Sporting a convenient full-touch screen operation, the Jolike Mp3 Player has quickly become a popular name among audiobook enthusiasts. With ample storage and multi-functional utility, this unit is worth your consideration.

The Jolike Mp3 Player has been designed with outdoor use in mind, which is evident from its durable body and related accessories. But that’s not the only likable aspect of this very efficient device. The 16GB internal memory can store plenty of audio tracks, and with an expandable memory of 128GB, there’s always room for more!

Moreover, we were glad to have finally found a model with a built-in loudspeaker for greater flexibility in use. Combined with the lossless sound quality, digital noise reduction, and support for commonly used audio file formats, it leaves little scope for disappointment. 

In addition to playing songs, it can also read .txt documents, browse images, and function as an FM radio. With so much to offer, this model makes for the perfect mini-entertainment system in itself. Complete with a protective case and compatible earphones, it provides great value for money.

Perhaps our only concern is the 1.8-inch screen, which may be a bit too small to watch videos and read documents. Thus, we’d advise against staring at the screen for long hours to avoid unnecessary strain on the eyes.

MP3 Players for Audiobooks Buyers’ Guide

From our experience, we can safely state that knowing the best products on the market completes only half the job. To spend your hard-earned dollars on the right product, it’s necessary to weigh in on some crucial factors, which are listed in this short buyers’ guide.

  1. Storage

No guesses here as the primary concern should be the storage capacity. Our standard recommendation is to go for a model that has at least 16GB of internal memory, but you can also opt for higher or lower memory. In any case, it’s good to have an expandable memory feature for future needs.

  1. Battery Life

The last thing you want is your device to run out of charge at the most exciting minute in the story. Thus, keep an eye on the average battery life of your preferred unit.

In this regard, it’s important to note that varied uses will affect battery life differently. For instance, it’s a good practice to look out for the battery life in Bluetooth mode and during video playback, if applicable.

  1. File Compatibility

By file compatibility, we don’t only mean audio formats, but also image and video formats, especially for multi-purpose devices. Generally, most mp3 players on the market support common formats like AAC and WMV, among others.

Likewise, lossless formats retain most of the track’s original properties for high-quality output.

  1. Connectivity

While Bluetooth connectivity allows greater flexibility in terms of playback, Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates direct downloads. But if you have to choose between one due to budget constraints, we’d advise opting for the former.

  1. Bookmarking

The bookmarking feature is meant for greater user convenience, as it remembers the point from where you’d want to resume the track. Some multi-functional models provide this feature for both audiobooks and ebooks.


Even in a world full of smartphones, mp3 players have a charm of their own. So, now is the time to get one! But if you’re still in two minds about the best product out there, our top picks from the list might just make things easier.

The Akamate Mp3 Player has various useful functions, and the AGPTEK A02S Mp3 Player has superior lossless sound quality. On the other hand, the Apple iPodApple iPod is a premium product with Wi-Fi connectivity.

With this, it’s time for us to bid goodbye. Hope you had as much fun reading as we had to compile the list. Do let us know what you think about our recommendations in the comments down below.

So long!

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