MYJ House / BodinChapa Architects

Architects: BodinChapa Architects
Area: 300 m²
Year: 2021
Photography: Rungkit Charoenwat
Manufacturers: Ekoblok, Lamptitude, SCG, SYS, Thai Metal Aluminium, Tostem, itdang
Lead Architects: Bodin Mueanglue, Phitchapa Lothong
Contractors: CHANITAT Co., Ltd
Structure Engineers: Papop Mora
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand

BodinChapa Architects’ design for a residential project in Bangkok’s Prawet district masterfully addresses the challenges of privacy and climate management within a densely built environment. Constructed on a corner plot, the home utilizes its orientation to maximize natural light and ventilation while maintaining seclusion from neighboring views. This 300 m² structure showcases a sophisticated integration of building materials and spatial arrangements to enhance livability in constrained urban settings. The strategic use of exposed bricks and thoughtful positioning of living spaces against seasonal sun paths exemplify how architectural ingenuity meets functional demands with aesthetic precision.

Myj house / bodinchapa architects

This city home, located in a residential area of Prawet district, Bangkok, addresses the constraints of a compact land area at the corner of a road. This positioning enhances ventilation from the south and east but also introduces privacy challenges due to the densely populated surroundings. The architectural design strategically mitigates heat from the southern sun exposure and ensures privacy amidst the close proximity of neighboring buildings.

Myj house / bodinchapa architects

The design principles were dictated by the direction of sunlight and prevailing winds, informing the organization of internal spaces. The architects developed a unique architectural style that employs the kitchen, laundry, and staircases as buffers against heat penetration into the main living areas. The layout optimizes usable space within regulatory boundaries, pushing the building’s envelope to allow for natural lighting and ventilation legally.

On the south side, the building’s form is influenced by the angular geometry of internal staircases connecting the floors. The roof’s angle harmonizes with these stairs, creating a distinctive architectural expression. A façade of exposed bricks forms a semi-opaque and semi-transparent pattern, serving as a visual and thermal buffer adjacent to the pool and garden areas, thus ensuring privacy and reducing heat ingress.

Material selection is central to the building’s identity, with bricks prominently featured to highlight their intrinsic qualities while fulfilling functional roles, such as forming a heat barrier. The interior staircase design includes opaque sections for privacy and translucent sections to distribute natural light effectively, reducing reliance on artificial lighting.

The ground floor hosts interconnected living, dining, and kitchen areas, designed to foster an open yet compartmentalized environment suitable for the diverse lifestyles of the occupants. The upper floors maintain connectivity while allowing for privacy through strategic zoning. A skylight on the third floor enriches the central hall and master bedroom with dynamic natural lighting, enhancing the spatial experience throughout the day. This project exemplifies balanced land use and thoughtful integration with natural elements, achieving a harmonious living space that caters to both individual privacy and communal interaction.

Myj house / bodinchapa architects
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