Nawrocki Clinic / IFA Group

Architects: IFA Kamil Domachowski (IFA Group)
Area: 1,192 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Hanna Połczyńska,
Lead Architect: Kamil Domachowski
Structure: Piotr Puzyrewski
Spiral Staircase Structure: Dariusz Kalota
Main contractor: Elwoz
Paintings by: Aleksandra Jankowska-Skierska
Investor: Nawrocki Clinic
City: Gdańsk
Country: Poland

The Dental Clinic in Gdansk, Poland, a medical facility designed by IFA Kamil Domachowski (IFA Group) in 2023, showcases a transformative approach to healthcare environments. Situated in a former granary in the Gdansk Wrzeszcz district, this architectural intervention emphasizes professional distinction while honoring historical essence. The clinic’s design, incorporating a spiral staircase and high ceilings, melds the functionality of a healthcare facility with the ambiance of a stylish hotel lobby.

Nawrocki clinic / ifa group

The Dental Clinic in Gdansk, Poland, a reinvented former granary, has emerged as the new headquarters of Nawrocki Clinic. This architectural revival by IFA Kamil Domachowski (IFA Group) maintains its historical essence while adapting to contemporary medical needs. Initially a granary serving the local garrison, the structure at Kościuszki Street is now a beacon of professional healthcare intertwined with historical reverence. The exterior remains untouched under conservation laws, preserving its architectural integrity.

Inside, the clinic is planned to house 15 dental offices, a prosthetic laboratory, and other essential facilities. The design was intended to make patients feel they are in a luxurious hotel rather than a medical clinic. This ambiance is achieved through the strategic use of space, materials, and sound management. The central three-story foyer, highlighted by a glass facade and a spiral staircase, forms the clinic’s core. It serves as a space for global dental training and a relaxation area for patients, complete with live classical music from a strategically placed piano on a mezzanine.

Materials such as raw architectural concrete, walnut, and leather enhance the aesthetic while paying homage to the original building’s character. Architect Kamil Domachowski notes the importance of coherence between the investor’s vision and architectural execution, which facilitated a smooth design process and led to a result that met all expectations.

Nawrocki clinic / ifa group
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Address: 2A Tadeusza Kościuszki Street, 80-451 Gdańsk, Poland

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