New Headquarters of Moróro Outdoor Concepts / Minus Interior Architects

Architects: Minus Interior Architects
Area: 400 m² (4306 ft²)
Year: 2022
Photography: Cafeine
Manufacturers: Gerdys
Lightning Design: Moróro
Stone Works: Van den Weghe
Outdoor Furniture: Moróro
Handles, Taps, Switches: Ceadesign
Windows: Schüco
City: Poperinge
Country: Belgium

The New Headquarters of Moróro Outdoor Concepts, a retail and commercial project designed by Minus Interior Architects in Poperinge, Belgium, transformed an old farm into two barn-like buildings. Completed in 2022, the minimalist design emphasizes sustainability, woodcraft, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Featuring Minus’s box-in-box principle and meticulous craftsmanship, the headquarters showcases large windows and natural materials like wooden slats and brushed concrete. The design maintains a strong connection with nature while blending the refined Brazilian-inspired aesthetics of Moróro with the rustic charm of the Belgian countryside.

New headquarters of moróro outdoor concepts / minus interior architects

In Krombeke, a village in West Flanders, Belgium, Minus interior architects built the interior of the new headquarters for the Belgian outdoor brand Moróro. The headquarters comprises two barn-like buildings oriented perpendicularly and surrounded by nature, embodying the essence of both companies.

Years ago, Veerle Lapierre and Karel Vanhuyse, founders of Moróro outdoor concepts, purchased an old farm in Krombeke. Collaborating with Minus Interior Architects, they transformed the site into the family business’s new base. The Minus team refurbished the barn and designed the interior and joinery of a new elongated building, merging the identities of both companies into a unified entity.

The result is a minimalist design. Minus’s portfolio includes sophisticated projects emphasizing sustainability, detailed craftsmanship, and a love for woodwork. Their signature box-in-box principle, providing beautiful views, and suspended cabinet modules is evident in the new Moróro headquarters.

Minus’s joinery workshop, in operation for generations, transforms innovative ideas into custom-made furniture and designs. A notable aspect of Minus’s work is the absence of visible technology, handles, door frames, and window frames, creating a serene atmosphere that highlights Moróro’s outdoor collection.

New headquarters of moróro outdoor concepts / minus interior architects

Founded in 2017, Moróro is renowned for robust, refined designs inspired by Brazilian architecture. This warmth is reflected in the new headquarters through materials and a rust-brown color palette. Bronze taps and a natural stone kitchen unit stand out. The walnut volume separating the kitchen from the living room exemplifies Minus’s attention to detail, with a single wood pattern spanning floor to ceiling.

The design features large windows and materials like wooden slats and brushed concrete indoors and outdoors to maintain a strong connection with nature. The monochrome appearance of the renovated offices and new building blends seamlessly with the surroundings.

New headquarters of moróro outdoor concepts / minus interior architects
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Address: Krombeke, 8972 Poperinge, Belgium

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