New Herringbone Bridge in Kang County / 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Architects: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Area: 800 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Jin Weiqi (Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Macao University of Science and Technology)
Lead Architects: Wei He
Team: Long Chen, Ziyi Wang, Xingchen He, Hao Liu
Special Design For Wooden Structure: LLMMwoodtech
Lighting Design: Beijing AN-Design Architects Co., Ltd.
Team Of Lighting Design: Li Dawei, Hou Mingyu, Ma Longxiao, Zhou Zhe, Ma Pinxiao
General Construction Unit: Gansu Tianchen Construction Engineering Investment Group Co., Ltd
Construction Unit For Wooden Structure: Jiangxi Guojin Green Construction Technology Co., Ltd.
Client: Kang County People’s Government
City: Longnan
Country: China

In the heart of Kang County, Gansu, a transformational project led by 3andwich Design and He Wei Studio breathes new life into an old bridge, redefining it as a pedestrian corridor and a new county landmark. The renovation enhances the area’s functionality and safety by limiting vehicular access and extending the adjacent commercial street. Drawing inspiration from the historic Dragon and Phoenix Bridge, the design incorporates a corridor bridge that marries architectural finesse with robust urban planning.

New herringbone bridge in kang county / 3andwich design / he wei studio

The architects redesigned an aged bridge located at the heart of Kang County, Gansu Province, positioned at the junction of two rivers and 200 meters from the county government office. North of the old bridge lies a commercial street, with a kindergarten to the west and a residential area to the east. The mixed traffic of vehicles and pedestrians previously presented a hazard, impairing pedestrian safety and disrupting the commercial street’s operations. The reimagined bridge curtails vehicular traffic, transforming the area into a pedestrian-friendly zone that extends the commercial street. This enhancement has not only diversified and improved the public spaces but also established a new landmark for the town.

The renovation draws inspiration from the local Qing Dynasty corridor bridge known as the Dragon and Phoenix Bridge. These corridor bridges, traditional in Chinese architecture, combine the utility of a bridge with architectural elements, featuring a central passageway flanked by rest areas on both sides, thus merging transportation and leisure functionalities seamlessly.

The project maintains the core structure of the original bridge while adding a new timber construction on the existing deck. The primary materials include Douglas fir glued wood, pre-manufactured and assembled on-site, capturing approximately 144 tons of carbon. The original bridge’s white marble parapets are also preserved and reused.

The corridor bridge, now 9 meters wide, features a roof peak of 7.2 meters and an eave height of 3.2 meters, accommodating emergency services like fire trucks. It serves not only as a passageway but also as a venue for markets, performances, and other community events. Seating and box-shaped spaces for leisure are situated along the sides of the bridge.

The bridge is split into three sections, with a spacious central meeting point supported by a unique portal frame structure and a tree-shaped steel column. This setup supports an inwardly curving triangular steel beam. A skylight adorned with colored glass, transitioning from red to blue, symbolizes time and casts colorful, mood-enhancing light inside the bridge.

The lighting design employs varied techniques to enhance the architectural rhythm and provide ambient lighting. Spotlights focus on the bridge floor, while stronger lights highlight the sloping roof and rhythm of the structure. External lights brighten the columns, and the roof’s colored windows create a play of brightness within the bridge, unlit externally.

New herringbone bridge in kang county / 3andwich design / he wei studio
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Project Location

Address: Kang County, Longnan, Gansu, China

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