PH Helguera / OADD Arquitectos

Architects: OADD Arquitectos
Year: 2023
Area: 94 m²
Uncover Area: 58.50 m²
Photographs: Bruto Studio
Lead Architects: Andrés Barone, Jorge Báez Moore, Fabricio Contreras Ansbergs
Structures: Darío Márquez
Location: Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

PH Helguera, a residential building designed by OADD Arquitectos in Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires, transformed a former carpentry shop into a contemporary home with light-filled spaces and a welcoming longitudinal patio, completed in 2023.

Ph helguera / oadd arquitectos

The challenge was to completely transform the old “ph,” which previously functioned as a carpentry shop. The project involved modifying the original structure, characterized by dark rooms, into spaces filled with light that open onto a large void—a longitudinal patio with a contemporary and welcoming imprint. In this sense, the Helguera “ph” signifies change: a home that has evolved into a comprehensive and radical proposal.

The design idea revolves around a patio that connects the social floor, including the living room and kitchen, with the grill area. This setup facilitates both daily domestic activities and broader social gatherings. To enhance lighting and privacy, the bedrooms are positioned on a higher plane on the ground floor. Additionally, a large terrace has been created to serve as a catalyst for outdoor activities.

The architectural language of the “ph” refers to the old brick walls of the original building, resulting in a forceful aesthetic and constructive solution. The material reality is displayed in its most genuine stereotomy quality. The simple condition of stacking masonry has produced a rough envelope of vibrant color, contrasting with the smooth white interior. This design approach termed the “coconut paradigm,” operates in a dialectic of sensory contrasts and temporal differences. Preexistence is integrated as the germ of the new, with reinterpretation and rereading serving as indispensable design tools.

Ph helguera / oadd arquitectos
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Project Location

Address: Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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