Pop-Up House / Multipod

Pop-up house / multipod

Four days and a wireless screwdriver are all you need to build the structure of your very own Pop-Up House

Compiled of insulating blocks and wooden panels, it delivers affordable thermal insulation
like you’d never believe.

Pop-up house / multipod

Heating represents close to 28% of global energy consumption and is also one of the main household costs. Determined to develop solutions, Multipod Studio have patented a unique approach to passive construction that delivers outstanding thermal insulation at an affordable cost.

Pop-up house / multipod

No special tools required, the house is assembled using lightweight and recyclable materials for quick installation. The materials used are inexpensive so the cost remains unbeatable and the thermal envelope created means no additional heating is necessary.

The first prototype of this new type of passive house has bloomed in the pine valleys of the South of France.

The Pop-Up house is an innovative concept that aims to challenge passive house construction. Low cost, recyclable and passive, the Pop-Up House has all of the qualities of tomorrow’s homes.

Project Details:
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France
Area: 150 sqm
Architects: Multipod Studio – www.multipod-studio.com

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